Aerocompact is focused on providing engineering & manufacturing support globally as well as catering to the Indian markets with its unique portfolio of metal as well as flat roof products – Mandar Mainde, MD Aerocompact

Mandar Mainde, MD, Aerocompact
  1. Please highlight the latest major developments at Aerocompact.

Aerocompact is a pioneer in developing innovative solutions for mounting structures taking due consideration of stability and longevity of the structure for the period of 25 years of the system. In India, it is focused on providing engineering & manufacturing support globally as well as catering to the Indian markets with its unique portfolio of metal as well as flat roof products. The export in Y2022 has increased by 70% since Y2021 and further giving more thrust to expand in Y2023.


The COMPACTMETAL system developed around 2019 with patented technology has already seen its success globally. For flat roofs, the company has introduced its SN2 product in Europe, suited for higher class of panels and the S/S+ systems in India suited for non-penetrative requirements.

AeroTOOL is the company’s visualisation and planning software that supports the client in developing the layouts and computing the wind loading forces on the system. The structural analysis outcome is the foundation of the warranties which we offer to our clients. An Engineering hub is set up in India to work on Aerotool and cater to the clients globally which are on the lookout for fresh and experienced engineers in India.

  1. Kindly brief our readers about the reliable COMPACTFLAT S system which has revolutionized the world of PV substructures and Could you give us a few insights into S10 and S10+ products that are to be launched in India?
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COMPACTFLAT S System is one of the unique and flagship systems of Aerocompact. The aerodynamic design has excellent structural properties and requires significantly less ballasts than other systems on the market. The system is wind tunnel tested, UL, CE & TUV certified for its technology and strength and can withstand wind speed up to 250kmph.


S system is a ballasted racking solution with non-penetrative philosophy to ensure the safety and reliability of the existing waterproofing of the roof. The ballast can be made of concrete to create a counterweight to resist the uplift forces of wind. Ballast Trays can be used to keep the ballast blocks depending on the requirement.

The average installation time is approximately 5 minutes for 1kWp of system. The number of components developed are minimal, light weight and ensures the ease of stocking and installation.

The product range comes in various segments of S10, S15 & S10+. The S10 and S15 provides fixed inclination of 10 and 15 true South respectively to fulfill the optimum angle requirement of India. S10 & S15 systems come with wind deflectors to deflect the pressure created by wind from one panel row to the next one.

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S10+ provides East-West solution with 10 inclinations for the roofs oriented other than true South. S10+ can be used to increase the capacity over the roofs. The estimated increase in the capacity ranges between 10~15% thus increasing the generation numbers.

  1. What have been the major projects for you recently? Are any new projects lined up?

Aerocompact has provided solutions to multiple metal sheet projects in the last 2 years where its unique solution of PS/PL has supported clients in inclining the panels towards the South for the North, East or West roofs achieving 7~10 depending on site locations.

The product has been suited for clients looking to increase the yield of the panels without compromising on the strength of the system and has been supplied and accepted all across India.

Aerocompact, as a part of its global program,  is providing solutions for one of the major warehousing clients for nearly 50 facilities located globally with the first of these installations being in India.

       4. What can we expect from Aerocompact this year?

Aerocompact’s engineering software Aerotool and product standardisation is the key to the growing retail segment in India. The company has recently engaged distributors like Festa Solar and Evervolt to cater across regions in the retail segment. With the help of such partners, Aerocompact aims to minimise hassles for installers for BoS and create a one stop solution.

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With the availability of the revolutionary S system and increase in retail demand, Aerocompact is focussed on strengthening its team for sales, pre-sales technical support and supply “Made in India” products to provide faster deliveries and smoother service

With the increase in demand for quality and tested structures, the company is also focussed on the Bangladesh market from this year onwards.

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