Sungrow’s New-Generation Commercial Inverters Drive Egypt Towards Carbon Neutrality


Egypt, which recently hosted COP27, recognizes the importance of renewable energy in addressing its increasing emissions. At the Solar Show MENA 2023 in Cairo, Sungrow stood out as the most popular booth, showcasing its innovative product portfolio aimed at advancing Egypt’s green energy development.


Among Sungrow’s products, the SG50CX-P2 and SG125CX-P2 models of their new-generation commercial and industrial (C&I) PV inverters attracted significant attention. These inverters offer improved safety, higher yields, and greater flexibility in their application.

Equipped with features such as a 30A per MPP tracker, intelligent IV curve diagnostics, integrated Type 1+2 DC overvoltage protection, and AFCI arc detection, these inverters prioritize both functionality and safety. They are also compatible with the SP600S power optimizer, enabling their use in complex scenarios and maximizing the power output of each PV module while ensuring module-level safety and monitoring.


For utility-scale projects, Sungrow introduced the 1+X Modular Inverter, which combines the strengths of central and string inverters. With a minimum capacity of 1.1 MW per unit and the ability to scale up to 8.8 MW by combining multiple units, this innovative solution offers flexibility in design and simplifies on-site operations and maintenance (O&M) tasks.

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Sungrow has also taken the lead in Egypt’s energy storage market, offering forward-thinking liquid-cooled ESS solutions: the PowerTitan for utility-scale applications and the PowerStack for C&I storage. These systems leverage Sungrow’s expertise in electrochemistry, power electronics, and power grid support technologies.

The liquid-cooled thermal management ensures extended lifespans for the storage units, while the DC-DC controller optimizes performance by allowing individual charging and discharging of battery racks. The company has already secured significant orders for the PowerTitan globally, totaling nine gigawatt-hours.

As an early player in the Egyptian market, Sungrow has become a key supplier for diverse C&I projects, including a 20 MW solar plant that provided clean electricity to COP27 accommodation hotels. Their solar-plus-storage solutions have also been successfully implemented in projects for the Sukari gold mine and Cairo 3A Poultry company. With a dominant market share in Egypt, Sungrow is poised to help the country reduce its carbon footprint and achieve further milestones in sustainability.

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