GUtech And Nama Water Services Collaborate On Green Hydrogen Production Project In Oman

A file photo of GUtech And Nama Water Services Collaborate On Green Hydrogen Production Project In Oman

The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) and OMAN WATER & WASTEWATER SERVICE COMPANY S.A.O.C, trading under Nama Water Services, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the History of Science Centre, GUtech. The MoU aims to emphasize the importance of collaboration in the field of water services, specifically focusing on water reclamation and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The primary objective of this partnership is to foster cooperation in environmental academic research and develop joint projects in environmental matters.


Under this MoU, the first major initiative will be the implementation of the Green Hydrogen Production project at both bench scale and pilot scale. This groundbreaking initiative directly contributes to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6, 12, and 13, aligning with the national commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Dr Hind Barghash, the project leader from GUtech, will regularly report the progress of this initiative to Dr Buthaina Al Wahaibi, the representative from Nama Water, who in turn updates Dr Abdullah Al Shereiqi, the energy sector representative at the National Program Management Office for Net-Zero Carbon Emission.

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The technical and economic feasibility studies for the project have been successfully completed, with the findings shared with the energy sector representative. The results have confirmed the high efficiency of the sewage treatment plant (STP) in producing treated effluent of adequate quality for hydrogen gas production. The economic feasibility analysis was conducted based on the fact that 18 kg of water can produce 1 kg of H2, with the cost of 1 kg of H2 estimated at around 2.2 OMR. The hydrogen gas generated from this process is projected to yield approximately 750,000 KWh of energy.


This collaborative effort between GUtech and Nama Water Services marks a crucial step toward decarbonizing the industry and advancing sustainable energy solutions. The Green Hydrogen Production project holds significant promise in contributing to the country’s net-zero carbon emission goals while supporting the development of a greener and more sustainable future.


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