Unleashing the Power of TOPCon: Solar N Plus to Showcase at SNEC 2023


Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., LTD. (Solar N Plus), a leading N-type TOPCon cell manufacturer, is set to showcase its cutting-edge TOPCon cells, modules and energy storage products at the upcoming SNEC exhibition in Shanghai, China on May 24th. This showcase not only underscores Solar N Plus’ unwavering dedication to innovation but also reaffirms its position as a leader in the photovoltaic sector.


Solar N Plus’s TOPCon solar cell showcased at the SNEC is a breakthrough in photovoltaic technology. Based on the 182mm silicon wafer design, it achieves a remarkable 25.5% conversion efficiency at mass production scale, leading to a lower LCOE. With no light-induced degradation and a low temperature coefficient of -0.29% (compared to -0.45% for PERC cells), it generates more power, particularly in warm climates. Solar N Plus TOPCon cell achieves an outstanding bifaciality of 85%, ensuring at least 1.1% more total power generation than PERC cells.Additionally, it offers superior low-light response, Anti-PID protection, and a 30-year power warranty, providing exceptional value to customers.

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At the SNEC, Solar N Plus will also showcase high-quality TOPCon modules made with their in-house manufactured TOPCon cells.With animpressive power output of 630W and a module efficiency of 22.65%, it is the perfect choice for large-scale solar projects. Its higherpower, lower temperature coefficient, and reduced risk of hot spot effects and attenuation contribute to significantly lower LCOE and substantial BoS savings.


Solar N Plus has successfully established a highly competitive R&D team on a global scale, dedicated to advancing N-type TOPCon technology innovation and developing reliable implementation solutions. Come and visit our booth N7-320 at SNEC 2023, where you will have the opportunity to witness and experience the latest technological achievements. Let us embark on a journey together, exploring cutting-edge breakthroughs in the field of solar energy.


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