Sungrow Unveils the SP600S Power Optimizer: An Innovative Addition to Their Product Portfolio


Sungrow, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, has launched the SP600S smart power optimizer, a groundbreaking Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) product that addresses critical challenges faced by the rapidly developing photovoltaic (PV) industry. As the global pursuit of carbon neutrality fuels the growth of distributed PV systems, Sungrow’s innovative solution aims to optimize system efficiency, increase safety, and improve overall operation and maintenance (O&M) performance.


With the SP600S smart power optimizer, Sungrow aims to tackle various challenges that hinder PV system performance. These challenges include generating capacity losses due to module mismatch, potential safety risks arising from high DC voltage, disorganized distribution of multiple power plants, and low operation and maintenance efficiency.

One of the key features of the SP600S is its module-level independent optimization capability, which effectively addresses generating capacity losses caused by module mismatch. Factors such as partial shading, dust, tree shades, and module performance degradation can lead to module mismatch, resulting in decreased overall system generating capacity.


Sungrow’s shade-proof smart control technology, integrated into the SP600S, detects real-time sun exposure status and optimizes shaded modules separately. This technology ensures that the entire PV system operates optimally, mitigating system operating losses and maximizing power output. The SP600S has demonstrated the potential to increase generating capacity by 4% to 30% after installation, depending on the actual operating conditions.

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Moreover, the SP600S enables customizable designs for different types of rooftops, overcoming limitations imposed by varying roof orientations. By supporting single-string multi-orientation installation and accommodating up to 30 modules per string, the product significantly boosts rooftop installation capacity by an average of 20% to 30%. The ability to mix installations of strings with different lengths and modules with different power ratings further enhances system design flexibility, improving the utilization of rooftop resources.

Sungrow’s SP600S also ensures comprehensive safety throughout the lifecycle of PV systems. The module-level rapid shutdown feature guarantees a safe DC voltage, maintaining a low-voltage installation process and providing safety during routine maintenance. In case of emergencies such as fires, the optimizer swiftly shuts down relevant modules within 20 seconds, surpassing the NEC2017/2020 requirement by 10 seconds. This feature reduces the string voltage to below 30V, prioritizing the safety of firefighters and minimizing losses for project owners.

Efficient operation and maintenance are also emphasized by the SP600S, offering an intuitive module twin layout diagram through the iSolarCloud app. This diagram enables users to identify sub-healthy and faulty modules swiftly, with real-time color-coded module status. The optimizer conducts module-level IV scanning to automatically diagnose faults, identify their causes, and provide troubleshooting suggestions. With the ability to accurately identify eight types of faults, the SP600S enhances O&M efficiency while minimizing system power losses by 8% to 30% compared to traditional string-level IV scans.

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In terms of installation, the SP600S simplifies the process with its “tool-free” design, requiring only regular bolts and fasteners or a convenient mounting buckle. The patented buckle design can withstand forces up to 16 times its weight without the need for auxiliary tools, enabling a hassle-free installation process that takes just 35 seconds. This efficient installation capability leads to a remarkable 40% boost in overall installation efficiency.

The launch of the SP600S smart power optimizer by Sungrow signifies a significant breakthrough in PV system optimization, safety, and efficiency. As the PV industry continues to evolve and expand, Sungrow’s innovative MLPE product sets a new standard for product innovation and transformation, ensuring that every PV module operates efficiently and safely throughout its entire lifecycle.

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