Jinko Solar launched several new products during the SNEC exhibition, including the Tiger Neo 2023 series, SunTank residential energy storage system, the SunGiga C&I system, Suntera utility system, and BIPV product – Robin Xiang Li, General Manager, Jinko Solar

Robin Xiang Li General Manager Jinko Solar

1- What is your general impression of the PV solar market in MENA region, and what are the current demand trends?


The solar PV business is very active in MENA region. In order to build a green MENA, countries and governments in this region has attached great importance to solar energy, and initiate grand vision and development plans for the future. From 2022, we have seen that the entire solar PV market in MENA region is growing fast , with the demand for PV modules increasing by YoY more than 50%.


2- Could you tell us briefly about JinkoSolar’s upgraded Tiger Neo modules, what are the main advantages that these modules offer and for which markets they are suitable?


*State-of-art Technology & Affordability:

Thanks to the scale of JinkoSolar, N-type Tiger Neo has been recognized as the most affordable & desirable solar panel for your PV projects.

* Improved High-Temperature Performance:

Once the temperature in a solar module operates in increases, the power output of the solar module will decline. Tiger Neo modules have a much lower temperature co-efficient compared to conventional PERC modules, which results in higher power output in a region with a hot climate.

* Excellent Low Light Performance:

In areas where sunlight is weakened by such factors as inclement weather and the earth’s tilt, Tiger Neo modules have excellent low light performance to take as full advantage of solar power as possible under substandard conditions.

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* Enhanced Performance Warranty:

Tiger Neo modules comes with an enhanced performance warranty. After 30 years of use, the Tiger Neo is guaranteed to provide at least 87.4% of initial performance.

* Low LID:

The Light Induced Degradation (LID) and LeTID of Tiger Neo is extremely low when compared with the standard P-type cells.

* Strong Track Record & Proven Field Performance:

As one of the world’s Tier1 solar manufacturers, JinkoSolar has supplied nearly 150GW of high-efficiency solar panels to over 170 countries, more than any other brands to date.

The Tiger Neo alone contributed nearly 25% of N-type sales volume within the ultra-premium segment in 2022. This was driven by strong demand for N-type in Europe, China, Australia, Latin America, and MENA.

3- Can you tell us more about the new products launched during SNEC 2023?

Jinko Solar launched several new products during the SNEC exhibition, including the Tiger Neo 2023 series, SunTank residential energy storage system, SunGiga C&I system, Suntera utility system, and BIPV product.  JinkoSolar is committed to diversified application scenarios of photovoltaic technology, including building-integrated photovoltaic ecosystem and comprehensive energy solutions.

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4- What needs to be done to increase the penetration of utility scale solar plants in MENA?

On one hand, we need to understand the local policies related to the development of solar PV projects. On the other hand, we need to establish good cooperation and mutual trust relationship with the local government/IPP/EPC/financing bank, and supply products with high-efficiency and high-quality to facilitate the reduction of LCOE cost of Utility project.

5- In addition to PV panels, JinkoSolar’s offering Energy Storage Solutions ESS, how does the company ensure product safety while maintaining high performance?

All-round safety guarantee of JinkoSolar ESS is constructed by analyzing the safety hazards of structure, electric and fire. During the integration process, JinkoSolar ESS adopts multi-level and system-wide protection from the cell to the system, especially at the module and pack levels, which are easily overlooked.

In terms of fire design, JinkoSolar ESS is equipped with fire protection equipment conforming to NFPA and other international fire standards. Regarding to electrical protection, SunTera can accurately identify and quickly disconnect fault currents, and protect the safe operation of the circuit by reasonably selecting the fuse parameters at the pack level, cluster level and system level. Lastly, the advanced intelligent control management system is used to monitor system safety and analyze fault diagnosis in real-time, which greatly reduces the safety threats.

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6- Where do you see the MENA solar and storage market in the next five years and what is Jinko doing to align itself with new market trends?

In my opinion, GCC countries are very active with profound development prospects and great Utility project pipelines. Meanwhile, in some countries with limited electricity and lack of power resources, there are strong potential demands of households and industries products. Therefore, we will provide different types of product portfolios to meet the power demands of different customers.

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