KarmWater Inaugurates Solar-Powered Desalination Plant In Marsa Alam

Representational image. Credit: Canva

KarmWater, a subsidiary of KarmSolar, has recently opened the first solar-powered desalination plant in Marsa Alam.


According to the CEO of KarmSolar, the plant has a daily water production capacity of 300 cubic meters and is capable of fulfilling 100% of the water needs of Red Sea Diving Safari’s Marsa Shagra resort.

The project operates under a 25-year water purchase agreement. While the plant currently relies partially on renewable energy, the goal is to transition to full solar operation by 2033.


At present, approximately 30% of the plant’s energy comes from solar power generated by KarmSolar’s Marsa Alam Solar Grid, which was established in 2022. The Marsa Alam Solar Grid currently supplies solar energy to various resorts across the area, including Marsa Shagra.

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