India and Sweden Collaborate on Solar-Powered Smart Farm Initiative for Small-Scale Farmers

Representational image. Credit: Canva

India and Sweden have unveiled a groundbreaking initiative called the ‘Smart Farm’ on the occasion of World Environment Day. The aim of this unique project is to promote sustainable food production and support small-scale farmers in adapting to erratic climate change. Small-holder farmers, who constitute about 85% of all farms globally, often face challenges due to reliance on rain-fed agriculture and limited resources to cope with changing conditions.


The Smart Farm, equipped with advanced technology, will enable small-scale farmers to grow more food using significantly less water, all powered by solar energy. The farm tackles the issues of water overuse for irrigation and reduces dependence on fossil fuels for increased production. The launch of the Smart Farm comes under the Energy and Environment MoUs signed between India and Sweden.

The facility is located at the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) and utilizes innovative technology developed by Spowdi, a green-tech engineering company. The Spowdi Mobile Pro MKII technology has been rigorously tested by NISE and is capable of drip-irrigating a 400 sq. meter land area with precise water volumes and optimal pressure. The system is powered by a compact 150-watt solar panel, highlighting its efficient use of renewable energy.

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The Smart Farm initiative marks a significant step in promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting small-scale farmers in the face of climate change.

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