PLN Completes 150 kV Electricity Transmission South Surabaya-Kalisari

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PT PLN (Persero) is improving the electricity network infrastructure in Surabaya to encourage economic recovery and growth in East Java. This was marked by the completion of the construction of the 150-kilo volt (kV) High Voltage Air Line (SUTT) in the South Surabaya-Kalisari area with a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of 74.38 per cent.


Simultaneously with the completion of the Surabaya South-Kalisari SUTT, PLN is also completing the construction of the 150 kV Kalisari Bay Couple Substation (GI) and South Surabaya Bay Lines 1 and 2 as well as the 150 KV South Surabaya Bay Line Kalisari 1 and 2 substations.

The Main Director of PLN Darmawan Prasodjo said that the development of electricity infrastructure would increase people’s productivity and also encourage industry so that it would also drive the wheels of the economy in the area.


“The construction of the electricity infrastructure completed by PLN in this area is very important. Especially as a driver for the economic recovery of people who were previously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. PLN will continue to improve electricity reliability in order to stimulate the regional economy,” said Darmawan.

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Apart from that, Darmawan also ensured that in every infrastructure project, PLN always prioritizes domestic industrial products. This is in addition to being a form of support to the government in reducing dependence on imported products, it is also to support the creation of job opportunities and to save foreign exchange.

“We will continue to increase the use of TKDN in other PLN projects to support increasing the competitiveness of the national industry while at the same time absorbing more domestic workers,” said Darmawan.

PLN Director of Project Management and New Renewable Energy Wiluyo Kusdwiharto is optimistic that the electricity network with a track length of 10,972 circuit kilometres (km) consisting of 32 towers and 2 circuits will contribute to economic growth and increase the reliability of the electricity system in East Java, especially in Surabaya.

Wiluyo said, in the first quarter of 2023 economic growth in East Java grew by 4.95 per cent compared to the previous year. Then, after approximately 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic hitting Indonesia, the economic recovery in Java Island is getting faster with different growth levels.

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“The reliability of the electricity system plays an important role in supporting the community’s economy. During the transition from a pandemic to an endemic, PLN is ready to be present to support East Java’s economic growth,” said Wiluyo.

Wiluyo added the construction of all electricity infrastructure was successfully completed with zero accidents. He also said that the successful construction of the 150 kV SUTT was a concrete manifestation of PLN’s full dedication in providing electricity to the entire country.

“PLN is consistently trying to improve the reliability of electricity throughout Indonesia. This time, PLN is again showing a concrete manifestation of its dedication by increasing the reliability of electricity in East Java,” added Wiluyo.

PLN General Manager Eastern Java and Bali Development Main Unit (UIP JBTB) Anang Yahmadi said the success of energizing the 150 kV SUTT South Surabaya-Kalisari could not be separated from the full cooperation and support of the local government.

“The reliability of East Java’s electricity has increased with the successful supply of voltage at the 150 kV SUTT, South Surabaya-Kalisari. The PLN Group and related stakeholders have played a very important role from the beginning of the work implementation until finally the first voltage (energize) can be given,” he said.

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He explained the energising process was carried out after the entire series of stages of equipment testing and testing (commissioning) was successfully passed and was marked by the issuance of a Voltage Eligible Recommendation (RLB).

“We are optimistic that the increase in electricity reliability will support the business world, especially residents in the Surabaya Metropolis subsystem area. In line with PLN’s goal of providing a better life through the provision of electricity, we believe this energize will have a positive impact on society,” he said.

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