Vivant Energy Reveals Php21 Billion Investment In Renewable Energy Projects For A Greener Future

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Vivant Energy, a subsidiary of Vivant Corporation, has revealed ambitious plans to invest Php21 billion in renewable energy projects, aiming to expand its capacity and contribute to a greener power generation landscape in the Philippines. The projected investment, spanning until 2030, will be allocated to existing projects as well as upcoming ventures, with both debt and equity financing involved. The company is actively seeking acquisitions and partnerships with local and foreign entities to strategically develop power projects throughout the country.


With a strong commitment to sustainable energy, Vivant Energy has set a target of achieving 30% renewable energy capacity in its power generation portfolio by 2030. This focus on increasing the share of clean energy aligns with the company’s existing projects and those in the pipeline, positioning Vivant Energy as a key player in advancing renewable solutions in the Philippines.

Additionally, Vivant’s subsidiary, COREnergy, has announced plans to add 18 MW of solar rooftop generation capacity by the end of this year. This expansion will contribute to the growing renewable energy infrastructure in the country, utilizing solar power to meet the rising energy demands.

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In parallel to its renewable energy ventures, Vivant’s subsidiary, Vivant Infracore Holdings Inc., is set to invest Php16 billion in water resource utilization and wastewater engineering over the next five years. Focusing on greenfield and brownfield opportunities, the company aims to leverage its existing presence as a power provider in various areas of the Philippines. The extensive project pipeline, estimated to require a combination of debt and equity financing, underscores Vivant’s dedication to sustainable development and responsible resource management.

These strategic investments by Vivant Energy and its subsidiaries demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing renewable energy and environmental stewardship in the Philippines. With a multi-faceted approach encompassing solar energy, water resource utilization, and wastewater engineering, Vivant is poised to play a pivotal role in the country’s transition to a more sustainable and resilient future.

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