Empowering Clean Energy Finance: Ministry Of Energy And Mineral Resources And OJK Institute Join Forces

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The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) through the Center for Development of Human Resources for Electricity, New Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (PPSDM KEBTKE) in collaboration with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Institute continues to increase financial literacy, especially in financing that supports the development of clean energy through Clean Energy Finance and Investment (CEFI).


The activity was opened by the Head of PPSDM KEBTKE A. Susetyo Edi Prabowo. Susetyo Edi would like to invite key stakeholders involved in the development of clean energy in Indonesia consisting of policymakers, supervisors and regulators of financial institutions, project developers and financial market institutions in one place to discuss obstacles and simultaneously identify solutions to open up financing in projects clean energy, including in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Susetyo Edi also appealed to the community to play a role in carrying out the task of supporting Indonesia’s equitable energy transition process, in order to achieve the Net Zero Emission target by 2060 through clean energy funding and energy efficiency for the industrial sector in an innovative and sustainable manner.

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“This training is a form of concrete deliverables for Indonesia in the G20 Presidency, which has been designed since the ETWG I meeting in Yogyakarta at the end of March 2022 as well as a follow-up to recommendations from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Clean Energy Finance and Investment Policy Review of Indonesia in 2021 where BPSDM ESDM through PPSDM KEBTKE participated in preparing the policy review,” said Susetyo Edi.

On this occasion, the Head of PPSDM KEBTKE expressed his appreciation for the collaboration that had been held by various parties. This activity was made possible with a combination of APBN funding and operational support from the OECD, along with development partners GIZ CASE and USAID SINAR.

“We express our high appreciation for the real initiative from the OECD through the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilization Program (CEFIM) in collaboration with BPSDM ESDM Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Financial Services Authority/OJK Institute to carry out the task of preparing Indonesian human resources in the energy sector and the financial sector in undergoing a transition. energy which has been very active in supporting the substantive, funding and technical side of organizing this training. For that we thank you, with the hope that cooperation and contributions can continue to be increased in the future,” added Susetyo Edi.

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