Introducing MGS100: Revolutionizing Sustainable Microgrids with All-in-One Power Solution


    Microgrid solutions MGS100   


    MGS100 brings together all of the components required for a sustainable microgrid in a single device. Drawing on FIMER’s electrical design experience, the product is optimized to provide reliable power in the most efficient way.

    The system is formed from an integrated solar PV and battery energy storage converter with an additional AC input. This can incorporate either biofuel or diesel generation, or even an existing grid connection, into the microgrid’s energy mix.


    Available in the below configurations

    SL No.Model specificationLoad (kVA)Solar Inverter (kW)
    1MGS100-40/30 with PVS304030
    2MGS100-40/33 with PVS334033
    3MGS100-40/50 with PVS504050
    4MGS100-40/100 (With 1xPVS100)40100
    5MGS100-80/100 (With 1xPVS100)80100
    6MGS100-80/100 (With 2xPVS50)80100
    7MGS100-80/150 (With 1xPVS100, 1xPVS50)80150
    8MGS100-120/100 (With 1xPVS100)120100
    9MGS100-120/150 (With 1xPVS100 and 1xPVS50)120150
    10MGS100-120/200 (With 2xPVS100)120200
    11MGS100-160/100 (With 1xPVS100)160100
    12MGS100-160/150 (With 1xPVS100, 1xPVS50)160150
    13MGS100-160/200 (With 2xPVS100)160200
    14MGS100-160/250 (With 2xPVS100, 1xPVS50)160250
    15MGS100-240/250 (With 2xPVS100, 1xPVS50)240250

    Major USP’s of MGS100

    1. Faster commissioning: All necessary protection on the input & output side are incorporated resulting in Smaller installation and commissioning time
    2. Modular and scalable solutions: The capacity of Solar/Load can be increased by adding more inverters in parallel
    3. True 3 phase solution (No paralleling of 3 x 1 Phase inverters)
    4. Integrated, customizable “Plug & Play” solution
    5. Delivers quality power to the loads
    1. Loads will not be interrupted for source variations
    2. Input voltage and frequency variations will not affect output V & f
    3. Operates with 100% phase to phase imbalance continuously
    1. Support sources of capacity lesser rated than load (DG rating < Load rating)
    2. Operates with large voltage and frequency variation: Requisite for Biomass/wind generator
    3. Seamlessly can operate with multiple sources simultaneously
    4. DG-Solar-Grid-Battery
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