Cyprus Reaches Over 40,000 Photovoltaic Systems Installed For Residential Use

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus has implemented measures to shorten the inspection waiting period for newly installed photovoltaic systems.


In their recent announcement, they revealed that inspections are now completed within three weeks in Nicosia and even quicker in other regions.

With a surge in applications, especially for Measurement Compensation Photovoltaic systems, the EAC plans to hire additional staff to expedite application processing and issuance of Connection Terms.


Currently, around 40,000 photovoltaic systems have been installed, primarily for residential use, totalling 215 MW in capacity. Moreover, 150 Photovoltaic Parks with a capacity of 220 MW are connected to the Competitive Electricity Market.

Additionally, applications for another 145 Photovoltaic Parks with a capacity of 265 MW are pending grid connection.

The EAC emphasizes that they are collaborating with relevant associations to enhance electrical installation processes and communication, aiming to optimize the entire procedure from application submission to grid connection.

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