NTPC Renewable Energy Invites Bids for 2,000 MW Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Projects Across India

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NTPC Renewable Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC, has invited bids for the development of pumped hydro energy storage projects across India, with a capacity of up to 2,000 MW. The bidding deadline is set for August 16, 2023, with the project expected to be commissioned within five years from the award date. Cost of Bidding Documents in Rs. 22,500/-.


All bidders are required to submit a Bid Security along with their bids, as per the following table:

For project capacity from 200 MW up to 360 MW, the Bid Security amount is Rs. 20 Crores.
For project capacity from 370 MW up to 720 MW, the Bid Security amount is Rs. 50 Crores.
For project capacity from 730 MW up to 1440 MW, the Bid Security amount is Rs. 100 Crores.
For project capacity from 1450 MW up to 2000 MW, the Bid Security amount is Rs. 200 Crores.


It’s crucial for bidders to ensure that their submitted Bid Security matches the required amount based on the capacity they are offering. If a bidder submits a lower Bid Security amount than required for their offered capacity, their eligible capacity will be reduced to the maximum capacity permissible according to the submitted Bid Security value. Moreover, any bidder providing a Bid Security amount less than Rs. 20 Crores will have their bid rejected. Compliance with the specified Bid Security amounts is essential for successful participation in the bidding process.

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To be eligible, bidders must meet specific qualifying requirements under three routes. These include having received government approval for pumped storage projects, having experience in hydropower projects or lift irrigation systems, or having developed grid-connected hydropower projects of significant capacity.

The bidders’ average annual turnover and net worth should meet specified criteria. Notably, bidders from countries sharing a land border with India can participate if they are registered with a competent authority.

This initiative aims to boost India’s renewable energy storage infrastructure, promoting sustainable and efficient power generation and distribution.

For more information view the tender document below:

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