Against Rising Electricity, GoodWe’s New Lightweight Solar Panels Powers a Greener Church


GoodWe, a leading global provider of solar inverters and energy solutions, announced the recent collaboration with UV Power, its installation partner, to install a 9.135 kW for Rock’s Church, a local Christian church in Brisbane, Queensland. The installation primarily featured GoodWe’s innovative Galaxy 315 W solar panels, accompanied by the company’s 10 kW SDT inverters and EV Chargers. This customized energy solution is expected to reduce the church’s electricity consumption and contribute to its transformation into a green church.


As electricity bills have been set to rise by 30% in Queensland starting July 1st, 2023, under new prices set by Australia’s energy regulator, Brisbane Rock’s Church sought to lower electricity costs by installing a solar photovoltaic system. Prior to the regulatory changes, the church’s annual electricity expenses surpassed AUD 3,000, a figure that would escalate to over AUD 4,000 under the revised pricing structure.

The church’s roof, comprising ageing tiles, had undergone partial repairs due to leakage issues, making it vulnerable. While traditional solar panels would have required drilling, posing a risk to the roof’s integrity. In response to this challenge, UV Power, a prestigious solar retailer, recommended GoodWe’s Galaxy 315 W solar panel from its BIPV range. Weighing only 5.6 kg per m2, the Galaxy 315 W panel can easily adhere to the roof surface without the need for drilling.

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The ultra-lightweight and frameless surface of the Galaxy series makes it particularly suitable for patio roofs with low load-bearing capacity and poor waterproofing, all while ensuring high power generation efficiency. With the inclusion of 1.6mm ultra-thin glass, the panel offer superior resistance to hail and strong winds, providing durability and safety with all-weather protection.

“We’ve been working closely with GoodWe for over 4 years now, and we’ve built a solid trust in the quality of their products and sales service.” shared the spokesman from UV Power. “Even though it is our first experience with their Galaxy Series, we found the product incredibly easy to install. We secured them to the roof within just 5 minutes.”

“GoodWe’s expertise and innovative solutions have enabled us to overcome the challenges posed by our ageing roof. With the customized solution, we’re expecting to reduce our electricity expenses and fulfil our vision of transforming into a green church,” stated Hanny, the pastor of Rock’s Church.

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“We are proud to work with UV Power to provide this solar panel system for Rock’s Church. The inclusion of BIPV products in GoodWe’s product portfolio makes us a more comprehensive energy solution provider. We take pride in empowering organizations to embrace renewable energy solutions and reduce their carbon footprint.” stated Apollo Chai, Head of GoodWe Australia BIPV Marketing.

With a commitment to sustainable development, GoodWe will support the upcoming 2032 Brisbane Olympics, contributing its smart energy solutions to help build a green Olympics for the city.

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