GoodWe Streamlines Household Solar Energy Experience with All-Encompassing Solutions


In response to rising energy costs around the world, homeowners are increasingly turning to sustainable solar energy solutions. Seeking economical, reliable, and safe alternatives, they are recognizing the benefits of photovoltaic (PV) systems.


However, a PV system, typically comprising multiple components sourced from various suppliers, can be inherently complex, posing challenges during the installation and management processes. Additionally, potential users of residential PV systems may find it overwhelming due to a lack of expertise to navigate the complexities of system selection.

Acknowledging this issue, GoodWe, a top player in the global solar sector, has developed one-stop solutions, comprising energy generation, storage, charging, and smart management, to simplify and enhance the solar system experience. Within this comprehensive lineup, the EcoSmart Home solution is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. It offers a range of GoodWe products, including inverters, batteries, building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), EV chargers, and other accessories. Customized solutions can be generated according to specific energy usage requirement.

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At the core of the EcoSmart Home solution lies GoodWe’s high-efficiency hybrid inverters, known for their excellent performance and reliability. Paired with LiFePO4 batteries, these inverters enable the system to efficiently store excess power for later household use, ensuring cost-effectiveness and uninterrupted power supply. During a storm or blackout, a backup mode will be automatically activated, providing a continued power supply without perceptible interruption.

In addition, EcoSmart Home offers BIPV options, including easy-to-install rooftop tiles that integrate seamlessly into the appearance of the residence while prioritizing safety. These products further establish the company as a comprehensive one-stop solution provider.

Complementing the hardware components, EcoSmart Home includes a smart Energy Management System (SEMS) to monitor and control the entire PV system. Through this user-friendly platform, homeowners can remotely access features and support via a visualized interface, optimizing their energy storage solution. This management software distinguishes GoodWe as one of the rare companies that possess both hardware and software components in the sector.

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Safety is a top priority for homeowners, and EcoSmart Home addresses this need through advanced features such as a smart battery management system (BMS), lightning protection, module-level rapid shut-down, and arc-fault circuit interruption (AFCI) technology. In July of this year, GoodWe launched its new generation of AFCI technology integrating with AI and deep learning; GoodWe’s PV systems featuring this technology can more effectively prevent electrical fires caused by DC-arcing faults.

“The EcoSmart Home solution epitomizes our commitment to balancing our vision and customer needs,” said Ron Shen, VP of GoodWe. “In developing these solutions, we not only seek feedback from customers but also collaborate with them to incorporate any desired features that align with our goals and give us a competitive advantage.”

The suite of EcoSmart Home solutions has been on the market since 2022, and its offerings are continuously upgraded to accommodate a wider range of household needs. For example, the solution lineup has been expanded with the newest generation of ET hybrid inverter and high-voltage Lynx-F battery. These additions, according to GoodWe, enable its EcoSmart Home solution to meet wider power range needs and provide larger storage capacity.

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