Harnessing The Power Of The Sun: Navitas Solar’s Journey Through A Decade of Unparalleled Growth, Pioneering Innovations, and Unwavering Dedication to Excellence in the Indian Solar Photovoltaic Sector – Ankit Singhania, Director & Co-Founder, Navitas Solar

Ankit Singhania, Director & Co-Founder, Navitas Solar

1. Can you provide an overview of Navitas Solar’s journey as a solar PV module manufacturer in India?


Recently, we have completed 10 years in the industry. It was a wonderful journey full of learnings, projects, excitements, achievements and lessons. We have started with 75 MW p.a. followed by expansions of 200 MW, 500 MW and now 1.7 GW p.a. We have started with 3 Bus Bar Modules which could generate power from 3 to 250 Watts per panel and now we are manufacturing 10 Bus Bar modules up to 670 watts per panel. In the new manufacturing line, we can manufacture modules up to 20 Bus Bars which can generate power up to 720 watts per panel.

2. How do you ensure the quality and reliability of Navitas solar PV modules? What measures are in place to maintain consistent performance?


We have in-house QA & QC labs which help us a lot to maintain high quality & reliability standards. We check our modules rigorously & after the complete verification only, we supply the modules. Till now we have not received any recalls for our modules. We have a wonderful team of young professionals by which we are able to give consistent performance.

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3. Could you highlight any innovative technologies or manufacturing processes Navitas Solar utilizes to stay competitive in the market?

We have launched Mono PERC Half Cut modules in 2022. In our new expansion, we can manufacture Mono PERC and TOPCon both technologies according to the requirements. So, overall we manufacture Polycrystalline, Mono PERC as well as TOPCon which are trending & innovative technologies that we utilize to stay competitive in the solar market.

4. How do you navigate the regulatory landscape and policy frameworks in India and the USA? Have there been any notable challenges or successes in this regard?

We track policies related to solar technology thoroughly in India and the USA. There are some beneficial policies implemented by both governments that encourage domestically manufactured modules. Some notable challenges are dynamic policies & lack of awareness. A noteworthy success is that the world is now considering India for its contribution as the International Energy Agency (IEA) quotes, “All roads to successful global clean energy transitions go via India.”

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5. What are Navitas Solar’s plans and aspirations for your company’s growth and expansion in the Indian and USA markets?

We at Navitas Solar are also exploring the USA, Europe & Africa market aggressively. In the USA market, we will start supplying modules this year and explore the market thoroughly. Our plans are to expand up to 10 GW in the upcoming 10 years in the Indian market.

6. What role do you envision solar PV module manufacturers playing in the transition to a clean energy future in India and the USA?

Solar energy is the best technology when it comes to all renewable energy resources because of less maintenance and capital costs. In the energy mix of the country, every resource has its own importance, but we feel that by the time solar energy will capture more share in the energy mix as every country wants to achieve a certain level of energy independence. With this, solar modules possess the major share of cost in the whole solar power plant, therefore Solar PV module manufacturers have an important role in the solar market in both the Indian as well as American solar market.

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