Driving Sustainable Development: TruBoard Partners’ Contribution to India/South Asia’s Infrastructure Growth – Rakesh Kalsi, Managing Director, Infrastructure Practice, TruBoard Partners

Rakesh Kalsi, Managing Director, Infrastructure Practice, TruBoard Partners

Can you please provide an overview of TruBoard Partners’ infrastructure practice in India/South Asia? How does the company contribute to the development of the region’s infrastructure?


TruBoard Partners specializes in developing comprehensive monitoring solutions for investors in Infrastructure space. Our cloud-based technology platform combines sector and product expertise to support smarter post-investment decision-making. We provide Asset Management (AM) services in India with a focus on renewables, aiming to improve the asset and benefit the local area. To date, our portfolio covers 1GW of solar assets and 600km of Road assets. Our goal is to expand our Asset Management services into other infrastructure sectors like T&D, airports, Highways, Ports, etc. worldwide. 

As the Managing Director, what key projects or initiatives have TruBoard Partners undertaken in recent years that you consider significant accomplishments? How have these projects impacted the local communities and the region as a whole?


TruBoard Partners has successfully completed several initiatives and projects in recent years that have had a positive impact on stakeholders. Some of our most important projects include:

  • Partnering with a local staffing and training agency to provide job training and employment opportunities for individuals.
  • Ensured cross-regional workshops and site visits for employees and active participation in product development to meet the expectations of clients and stakeholders. This will result in shortening the learning curve and faster delivery of the Product that we are developing in-house. Hosting and participating in events for networking and potential collaborations.
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Could you share some of the latest technology trends that are shaping the infrastructure landscape in India/South Asia? How are TruBoard Partners embracing and leveraging these trends to drive success?

Some of the latest technology trends that are shaping the infrastructure landscape in India/South Asia include:

1. Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning(ML): Companies are continuing to adopt cloud technologies, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to reduce their capital and operational costs.AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are also becoming widely adopted in India/South Asia.

These technologies are enabling smarter decision-making, predictive analytics, and personalization of services for customers.

2. New Technologies in Energy Sector like Hydrogen, large scale Biomass and grid enhancing Battery Storage. 

3. Electrification of public transportation: the electrification of public transportation can contribute to India’s goal of achieving greater energy independence by reducing its dependency on oil imports. It reduces emissions of greenhouse gasses which are largely responsible for climate change, as well as air and noise pollution. Additionally, electrification of public transportation can significantly reduce operational and maintenance costs and result in better cost-efficiency for transit authorities.

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TruBoard Partners embraces and leverages these technologies in order to leverage the advantages offered by these technologies. They are providing products and services that can be integrated with existing infrastructure to make them more efficient. Through this, TruBoard Partners are helping businesses to reduce their operational costs and increase their capabilities. They are also helping businesses to enhance their customer experience with the help of these technologies.

In a competitive market, differentiation is key. How does TruBoard Partners differentiate itself from other infrastructure firms operating in India/South Asia? What unique value does the company bring to its clients and partners?

Asset Management as a Service is our niche offering to capital providers. Our Phygital approach is our USP and differentiates us from others and delivers a plug and play to investors. We are the only platform that combines finance, operations and engineering to provide a holistic approach. Our pillars of revenue enhancement, cost optimization and asset integrity help asset owners/investors to use the TruBoard Platform as a “One Source of Truth”.  

How does TruBoard Partners approach risk management in its projects? Can you share a scenario where proactive risk management played a critical role in the success of a project?

We believe risk management is one of the key pillars of asset management. TruBoard approach is focused on building a “predictive approach” to risk that combines various aspects of the projects into a data-based predictive model. Our data-driven approach has reduced soiling losses, reduced payment days and ensured faster uptimes for our projects. 

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What are the key priorities and strategic goals for TruBoard Partners’ infrastructure practice in India/South Asia? How do you envision the company’s growth and impact on the region’s infrastructure development in the coming years?

As a specialized asset management solutions provider TruBoard will continue to focus on improving investor IRR. With Asia being increasingly reliant on renewables, we believe our focus on engineering and performance analytics will help investors manage their portfolios better. 

Our areas would broadly include:

(i) Focus on Energy Transition and related opportunities. (ii) Leveraging new and latest technologies. (iii) Reach Beyond Boundaries and Geographies

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