Jordan’s Al-Balqa University Launches 7 MW Solar Energy Project

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Al-Balqa Applied Governmental University has officially commenced operations of Jordan’s most extensive solar energy initiative within its academic institutions, boasting an impressive capacity of 7 megawatts.

The inauguration ceremony, led by University President Dr Ahmed Fakhry Al-Ajlouni, took place at the Princess Tasneem Bint Ghazi Technological Research Station situated in Hamrat Al-Sahn.

Dr Al-Ajlouni revealed that the university has received the green light from the electricity company to initiate the system’s functionality, which was established in February 2022.

The president emphasized that this endeavor aligns with the university’s pivotal objective of achieving sustainable development through harnessing alternative energy sources. The utilization of this eco-friendly energy is expected to slash the university’s electricity costs by 50% in the forthcoming years.

This cost reduction will enable the redirection of funds toward essential projects aimed at modernizing the university’s infrastructure and enhancing technological advancements across faculties.

The project’s annual electricity generation capacity is estimated at around 15 million kilowatt-hours, contributing substantially to the university’s energy self-sufficiency.

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Beyond being a sustainable energy resource, this initiative will function as a practical and educational laboratory for students specializing in engineering, electrical studies, and renewable energy disciplines.

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