Turkey’s Kayseri City Embraces Clean Energy: CW Energy’s Rooftop Solar Plant Lights The Way

Representational image. Credit: Canva

CW Energy, a steadfast advocate for a more sustainable world, continues its unwavering commitment to a greener future. The company, known for its solar power initiatives across Turkey, has now extended its impact to Kayseri.


In collaboration with a local business, CW Energy has successfully installed a solar power plant (GES) atop the company’s premises.

Volkan Yılmaz, CEO of CW Energy, proudly announced the completion of this innovative project. He shared, “Our rooftop GES project, boasting a robust capacity of 22027.59 kWp, is now operational. This initiative is projected to save around 2085 trees annually and curtail emissions by an impressive 18.580.112 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. With the establishment of this solar power plant, the company will effectively fulfil its energy requirements sustainably, courtesy of CW Energy’s cutting-edge approach.”


This achievement stands as a testament to CW Energy’s enduring mission to contribute to a healthier environment while enabling businesses to adopt cleaner energy solutions.

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