Chasing Superior Safety: Sungrow’s Energy Storage Solution the PowerTitan Exhibits Top-Level Capability


The PowerTitan, Sungrow’s innovative liquid-cooled energy storage system aims at utility-scale solar projects, has been widely applied around the world relying on its high security and advanced efficiency, and it has already secured global contracts exceeding 9 GWh.


Iterative development of renewable energy storage technologies emphasizes continuous alignment with safety requirements. The influx of novice players into the energy storage industry has resulted in huge product quality variations. Various fire hazards have arisen as a result. Nearly 20 fires and explosions occurred at ESS power plants worldwide in 2022, resulting in serious personal injuries and economic losses.

Misconceptions about energy storage safety


Lithium-ion batteries are a critical part of an energy storage system. Many say that energy storage safety can only be achieved through lithium-ion battery safety. However, improving the quality of the batteries can only render them partially safe.

It is also imperative to note that energy storage systems must be secured not only against personal and property risks but also against threats related to grid connection, operations and maintenance, and yield. Security across the entire energy storage chain is not easy to achieve during the current outbreak phase.

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Sungrow’s PowerTitan: superb safety performance in utility-scale solar projects

The PowerTitan professionally integrates power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. It offers a comprehensive safety design across the cell, electrical, and system levels to adhere to Sungrow’s strict safety guidelines. In real-time AI monitoring can detect changes and provide early warnings before they are depleted. Battery modules and power electronics are compartmentalized for two-hour fire protection. With four layers of protection against excessive electric current and dangerous arcs, electrical hazards are significantly reduced.

To prevent battery fires and reduce reignition risk, Sungrow’s battery storage solutions include temperature, smoke, combustible gas detectors, gas fire suppression systems, and water-based fire suppression systems. Sungrow’s track record in BESS shows that the company has superb technological safety. In all Sungrow’s global ESS projects, no fires or explosions have been reported.

By utilizing industry-leading grid-connected performance, the PowerTitan ensures grid-connected security through extremely weak grid support, VSG technology, pre-installation and system debugging before delivery, etc., shortening grid connection cycles, and ensuring grid stability for renewable energy.

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As an integral part of a full-stack, self-developed system, the PowerTitan can easily locate faults, respond quickly, and provide safe operations and maintenance. Moreover, the PowerTitan can increase discharge capacity, enhance fine-grained management, and effectively extend its It also supports mixed battery use and enhanced efficiency in response to power grid scheduling. With the release of the PowerTitan 2.0 this summer, Sungrow will achieve 5 MWh of clean energy in a 20 ft container with a smaller footprint. This reduces overall LCOS and provides higher yields.

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