AmpIn Energy Transition Joins Forces with JCAPCPL for 2.8 MWp Solar Energy Initiative


In a remarkable stride towards advancing sustainable energy solutions, AmpIn Energy Transition, a prominent energy transition platform, has forged a monumental 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with JCAPCPL (Joint Venture between Tata Steel & Nippon Steel). This pioneering collaboration marks a significant milestone as AmpIn Energy Transition, India’s premier Renewable Energy IPP, pledges to supply 2.8 MWp of solar energy to JCAPCPL’s Jamshedpur plant.


Ujjal Chakraborti, Managing Director of JCAPCPL, and Pinaki Bhattacharyya, Managing Director and CEO of AmpIn Energy Transition, formally solidified this transformative pact, signifying the initiation of the implementation process.

Under the agreement’s ambit, AmpIn Energy Transition will institute a robust 2.8 MWp solar panel infrastructure for JCAPCPL. This clean energy initiative serves a dual purpose—reducing carbon emissions and fortifying JCAPCPL’s position as an industry trailblazer in sustainable practices.


Mr. Chakraborti expressed his enthusiasm for the alliance, heralding it as a testament to JCAPCPL’s commitment to greener operations. He remarked, “This collaboration mirrors our unwavering dedication to harnessing solar energy, accentuating our journey towards a more sustainable future.”

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Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Bhattacharyya highlighted the significance of the partnership in propelling the renewable energy transition nationwide. He emphasized AmpIn Energy Transition’s role as a trusted renewable energy partner, facilitating corporations’ shift towards 100% renewable energy utilization.

This strategic collaboration not only underscores the immense potential of clean energy but also sets a precedent for future initiatives reshaping corporate sustainability paradigms. As the solar panels become operational, the 2.8 MWp energy infusion will seamlessly integrate into JCAPCPL’s operations, amplifying its commitment to environmental responsibility.

This dynamic partnership stands as a beacon of transformation, championing the integration of clean energy into industrial processes, and charting a course towards a cleaner, sustainable future.

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