Kehua S³-EStore: Innovative Energy Storage Solution for C&I Scenarios


    Kehua, the sustainable value creator with 35-year experience in the renewable energy industry, displayed S3-EStore all-in-one C&I ESS, a brand-new energy storage system in booth #C3,340 at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany from June 14th through 16th.  The product consists of a bi-directional inverter and battery rack, providing safe and reliable electricity for all kinds of industrial and commercial scenarios while making more reasonable use of the peak-to-valley price difference, and a variety of operation modes can be set to bring unexpected benefits.  S3-EStore all-in-one C&I ESS continues Kehua’s design concept of “Safe, Smart and Simple (S3)”.


    1)How to define Safe:

    The battery cell adopts LFP cell. Larger capacity, but fewer cells, lower probability of failure and better reliability. The cell-level monitoring with pack-level and system-level fire distinguish system achieves the purpose of flame retardant. The segmentation design of the battery compartment and PCS compartment improves the safety of customers’ battery use. The system meets IP55 protection, PCS meets IP66 protection and the battery meets IP67 protection, with an optional C5 corrosion resistance level and water level monitoring, all of which can guarantee the operation stability of the equipment in complex environments. Furthermore, the system equips online insulation detection, precise positioning protection, fault removal protection and short-circuit fast disconnection protection to achieve safety protection, which ensures the safety of customers’ using of the system.  

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    (2)How to define Smart

    The refined thermal management of Kehua’s C&I energy storage system requires the temperature difference of the cells in a pack is within 2℃and the temperature difference of all cells in the system to be within 3°C (25°C environment temperature), which extends the life cycle of the battery and improves the user’s investment return. With multi-modal operation sensing, cloud-side collaborative warning, and health status identification functions, the system is able to improve the overall O&M efficiency and facilitate users to monitor and manage the whole system.  

    (3)How to define Simple: 

    The product has an integrated design, simple and clear appearance and internal structure, which can realize modular deployment and fast installation. Free combination, flexible expansion and multiple working modes can solve the stocking problem of installers, achieving the efficacy of “one item for multiple scenarios”. Higher power density and smaller footprint (only 1.3m2) save space resources and installation costs.  “Rising electricity prices due to shortages of traditional energy sources such as natural gas and oil, as well as grid instability caused by the increasing number of photovoltaic generation facilities, are the most common problems that commercial and industrial owners around the world today are facing. Last winter, the EU generated more electricity from renewable energy than fossil fuels, it is clear that renewable energy can provide power for Europe in all seasons. In the future, the market will require a strong energy infrastructure to normalize the year-round supply of renewable energy. Therefore, we recommend that commercial and industrial owners pay attention to energy storage and prepare in advance for this.” said Jon Zhang, marketing manager of Kehua.  More and more installers and integrators are considering investing in energy storage systems, hoping to maximize the use of PV energy through BESS, reduce commercial and industrial electricity bills, or generate revenue through peak and frequency regulation in a profitable way. Kehua’s C&I energy storage system will perfectly match the needs of these groups.  

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    About Kehua

    With 35 years of experience in power electronic technology, Kehua has established its leading position around the world. For now, Kehua has ranked No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally in shipment terms in 2021 (S&P Global, formerly IHS Markit) and TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg. Kehua will continue to create clean energy with its R&D strength and devote to letting the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely.

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