World’s Largest Floating Solar Project Takes Root on Laguna Lake


SunAsia Energy, in collaboration with its investment partner Blueleaf Energy, secured a significant milestone on Laguna Lake. The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) granted lake lease agreements to both entities, conferring them with the opportunity to materialize one of the globe’s most extensive floating solar projects. During a ceremony held in Makati, Senando Santiago, the General Manager of the Lake Authority, formally presented the certificates of award to SunAsia Energy. Emerging as the successful bidder, SunAsia Energy gained rights to develop and construct this groundbreaking project, encompassing ten blocks of lake surface that collectively span 1,000 hectares within Laguna Lake.


Emerging as a pioneering force in the Philippines’ renewable energy landscape, SunAsia Energy is set to pioneer the development of ten impactful floating solar projects on Laguna Lake, with a collective installed capacity of around 1,300 MW. Joining forces with SunAsia Energy, Blueleaf Energy contributes its expertise to the venture. This collaborative effort aims to establish an extensive large-scale floating solar facility on the expansive Laguna Lake. The signing of the lake lease agreements marks a pivotal step in securing the rights for project advancement, including obtaining the crucial Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC). With construction targeted to commence in 2025, operational phases are anticipated to roll out progressively between 2026 and 2030. Recognizing its significance, President Bongbong Marcos has designated the 1,300 MW floating solar project as a national priority.

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Raghuram Natarajan, CEO of Blueleaf Energy said: “We are pleased to have reached this significant milestone of obtaining the lake lease agreements. This allows us to embark on the subsequent tasks of development, commercialization, construction, and operation of the floating solar power plants, which will help fulfill the country’s ambitious renewable energy commitments. We would like to thank the Department of Energy Philippines, Philippine Board of Investments, Laguna Lake Development Authority, and other integral agencies involved in this positive development.”


According to SunAsia Energy, “land use is becoming a big issue for renewables, particularly for solar energy projects. People and policymakers are worrying about competing uses of land. Currently, project developers are struggling to find land to locate the solar power plants. Most of the time, delays in solar energy projects are normally caused by the consolidation of properties and late issuances of land conversion permits. So, there is an incentive to build on water.”

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Covering an expansive area exceeding 90,000 hectares, Laguna Lake stands as the Philippines’ largest freshwater lake. Although the initial allocation of 2,000 hectares for solar energy utilization represents a mere two percent of the entire lake surface, the forthcoming economic advantages are substantial. Upon realization, this project will illuminate countless households, power factories, and contribute to amplifying the presence of renewable energy within the Philippines’ overall energy blend. Furthermore, the project bears the potential to avert annual greenhouse gas emissions of over 1 million tonnes, equivalent to CO2 emissions.

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