Aisin Powertrain Partners With WHA Utilities And Power For 3.25 MW Solar Rooftop Project

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Aisin Powertrain (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (AIPT), a renowned manufacturer of automatic transmission and drivetrain systems for automobiles, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with WHA Utilities and Power PLC (WHAUP) to realize a 3.25 MW solar rooftop power purchase agreement.


The agreement was signed at AIPT’s plant located within the WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2 (WHA ESIE 2) in Chonburi province. The collaboration aims to drastically reduce AIPT’s electricity expenditure by up to THB 305 million and make substantial strides towards achieving its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility.

This collaboration comes as a significant step towards AIPT’s vision of sustainability and aligns with WHAUP’s endeavor to achieve a total power generating capacity of 717.57 MW in the current year, with 167.33 MW originating from solar rooftop initiatives.


Mr Somkiat Masunthasuwun, CEO of WHAUP, emphasized the significance of this partnership in driving carbon-neutral manufacturing and reducing environmental impact. The solar rooftop project, set to be completed by mid-2024, is projected to not only lead to significant cost savings for AIPT but also curtail CO2 emissions by approximately 56,300 tons over a 25-year operational span.

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In line with AIPT’s commitment to preserving the environment, this initiative contributes to carbon emissions reduction, global warming mitigation, and climate change adaptation.

It also underscores WHAUP’s dedication to renewable energy, making a substantial impact on Thailand’s power landscape. Moreover, WHAUP remains devoted to leveraging technological advancements for sustainable business operations. The integration of digital solutions, including a direct peer-to-peer energy trading platform and blockchain technology, further cements its commitment to efficiency and innovation.

Mr Noritaka Kunieda, President of AIPT, underlined the significance of this collaboration in the organization’s growth journey and commitment to excellence. AIPT’s ambition to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2035 is propelled by initiatives like the solar rooftop project, which aligns with its energy efficiency program and sustainable development goals.

With AIPT’s focus on energy efficiency and renewable sources, this solar rooftop venture marks a significant stride towards a greener future, aligning with the company’s long-term environmental and economic objectives.

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