Unlock the Power of Solar Energy with FIMER and CATCH Power


Advanced monitoring and control made easy! Monitor and regulate your consumption conveniently from any location globally with CATCH Power, now compatible with FIMER’s UNO-DM-PLUS-Q inverter series in Australia.


CATCH Power is an Australian manufacturer of energy management devices whose goal is to match household loads with surplus solar and enable homeowners to take control of their energy usage. CATCH Power manufactures energy management devices to allow complete site control and better customer outcomes.

The FIMER UNO-DM-PLUS-Q inverter series has achieved compatibility with CATCH Power’s solar relay to be used in any solar installation across Australia. Incorporating a Catch Power solar relay into a solar PV system with a FIMER inverter empowers homeowners with effortless load regulation, simplifying the process of achieving flexible export limitations. The integration of the FIMER UNO-DM-PLUS-Q Inverter series with catch power can be accomplished using both RTU control and Sunspec configuration.


FIMER Australia Country Manager, Jason Venning expressed his satisfaction with the integration of FIMER with the CATCH Power Solar Relay, saying, “Having FIMER’s UNO-DM inverter integrated with a CATCH Power relay will now allow homeowners to have more control over how they use their solar energy and ensure they can comply with the different energy regulations around the country.”

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Specifically, this solution will now provide another option for solar installers and homeowners in South Australia (SA) to comply with its Flexible Exports program when wanting to choose a FIMER solution. The CATCH Power solution can ensure the FIMER UNO-DM-PLUS-Q inverter can be easily connected to the Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP).

Zain Sakarwala, FIMER Technical Sales Lead, said, “It’s great news that FIMER has been integrated with CATCH Power’s Solar Relay. This solution presents an alternative for our installers in South Australia, enabling them to maintain the use of the FIMER UNO-DM solution while actively contributing to the reliability and stability of the South Australian power grid.

The FIMER UNO-DM PLUS Q single-phase inverter series is an optimal solution for residential installations comes with an in-built DC isolator, ensures 97% efficiency, and has been proudly designed and manufactured in Italy. CATCH Power is currently testing its three-phase solar relay on FIMER’s PVS-10/33 commercial inverter range and FIMER is expected to be the first three-phase inverter manufacturer.

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