Jordan Chamber Of Industry Plans To Establish Renewable Energy Manufacturing Consortium

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Jordan Chamber of Industry has disclosed its plans to establish a consortium involving existing Jordanian factories specializing in the production of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems.


The objective is to foster collaboration and synergy among these enterprises, thereby boosting the competitiveness of locally-produced components for renewable energy systems.

Muhammad Haj Hassan, representing the engineering and information technology sectors, stated that the Chamber is in discussions with relevant stakeholders to create this consortium in partnership with contractors and government authorities.


The primary aim is to strengthen the domestic renewable energy industry, with a focus on manufacturing photovoltaic panels, cables, reflectors, control panels, metal structures, and other related components.

Haj Hassan also mentioned that the official announcement of the consortium will occur once the operational details and structure are finalized, with an eye toward opening new export opportunities for these firms.

Jordan is a front-runner in renewable energy investments across the Middle East and North Africa, ranking third globally, behind China and Brazil, out of 71 countries. This ranking has spurred further investment and innovation in the renewable energy sector, particularly due to the presence of skilled Jordanian workers, including technicians and engineers, who excel in this field.

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To bolster the renewable energy manufacturing sector in Jordan, it is essential to provide support and foster development. This will enhance its competitiveness, particularly in local projects, and facilitate the export of locally manufactured products to international markets.

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