South Africa’s IDC And Bank Of China Forge Green Energy Investment Deal

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At the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Bank of China (BoC) inked a crucial Framework Agreement aimed at strengthening regional trade and investment. This agreement sets the stage for a R10 billion funding package over the next five years, primarily directed toward tangible projects spanning various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, and mining.


The lack of access to capital has been identified as a significant hindrance to accelerating regional industrial development. IDC CEO TP Nchocho expressed optimism about the agreement’s potential to bolster regional economic prospects. He emphasized that this framework agreement would facilitate capital mobilization, technology cooperation, and other benefits, ultimately promoting the integration of regional economic and industrial development across the continent.

Key objectives of the agreement include:

  • Enhancing cooperation between IDC and BoC for potential co-funding of future business projects, particularly focusing on debt financing.
  • Exploring business collaboration opportunities in areas such as China/Africa investment projects in mining, agriculture, telecommunications, and infrastructure development.
  • A commitment from BoC’s Johannesburg office to provide no less than R10 billion in loan funding, or its equivalent in other currencies, for joint investments over the next five years.
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This framework agreement follows similar pacts that the IDC has entered into with other international partners, underscoring its commitment to long-term cooperation and co-funding initiatives. Additionally, the agreement aims to formalize the relationship between IDC and BoC and strengthen their collaboration, particularly regarding Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) into South Africa.

Dr. Longjian Chen, CEO of BoC, chairs the South Africa and China Economic and Trade Association (SACETA), further solidifying BoC’s role in supporting South Africa’s economic and industrial development. Dr. Chen highlighted BoC’s dedication to partnering with South Africa in sustainability, energy transformation, and various funding initiatives.

This agreement signifies a significant step toward fostering economic ties between South Africa and China, with a particular focus on sectors vital to South Africa’s development, including energy and infrastructure.

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