Morocco’s Green Hydrogen Project Poised For 2024 Launch

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Morocco announced its intention to initiate a green hydrogen initiative next year in response to the growing global demand for clean energy. Green hydrogen is an eco-friendly energy source generated through water electrolysis using renewable sources like wind or solar power.


According to a government statement, the ‘Morocco Offer’ green hydrogen project is set to be finalized in 2024 for potential investors, although the statement didn’t provide specific project details.

In July, King Mohammed VI called upon the government to expedite the project’s implementation, emphasizing the need for quality compliance, tapping into Morocco’s considerable potential, and meeting global investors’ expectations in this promising sector.


Morocco aims to raise the proportion of renewable energy in its electricity production from 60% in 2040 to 70% in 2050.

Anticipations indicate that clean hydrogen revenues will surpass $280 billion by 2050.

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