South Africa’s Absa Partners With Sun Exchange To Power Bizweni Campus With Solar And Battery Solution

rows of solar modules in photovoltaic power station
Representational image. Credit: Canva

Absa, one of South Africa’s leading financial services groups, has joined hands with its employees and Sun Exchange, a global solar leasing platform, to make a substantial investment in sustainable energy. The partnership has facilitated the funding of a solar-with-battery system for the Bizweni Campus, which includes both a pre-primary school and a primary school.


The newly implemented 29kW solar system, coupled with a 44 kWh battery, is now operational and supplying clean and uninterrupted electricity to power the Bizweni Campus. This renewable energy solution not only reduces the campus’s reliance on conventional grid power but also significantly enhances its energy resilience, especially during load-shedding events.

One of the most promising aspects of this initiative is its positive environmental impact. Over the projected 20-year lifespan of the solar and battery system, Bizweni Campus is expected to offset approximately one million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. This aligns perfectly with the broader goals of sustainability and climate action.

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Moreover, the installation of the solar and battery system is anticipated to reduce Bizweni Campus’s municipal electricity bill by an estimated 30%. These cost savings will play a crucial role in advancing educational opportunities at the institution. Specifically, the funds saved will be allocated to provide an academic bursary to a high-achieving Grade six student. This scholarship will cover their Grade seven tuition fees, contributing to their educational journey.

Johnson Idesoh, Group Chief Information and Technology Officer at Absa expressed the organization’s commitment to shaping a sustainable future and fostering positive change within the communities they serve. He emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “We are committed to driving positive change, and our contribution highlights our continued effort in being an active force for good within the communities that we serve.”

Saul Wainwright, Managing Director at Sun Exchange, highlighted the role of the private sector in addressing environmental and social challenges. He stated, “Initiatives like these are a great demonstration of the leadership role of the private sector in addressing our most serious environmental and social challenges.”

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For Justus Swart, Campus Manager for the Bizweni Campus, reliable and affordable electricity is critical for providing essential services to the community. He expressed enthusiasm about this innovative project, explaining, “We’re thrilled that this innovative project is enabling us to continue this critical empowerment work while also reducing our costs and carbon emissions in the long run.”

The collaboration between Absa, Sun Exchange, and Bizweni Campus showcases the potential of sustainable energy solutions to drive positive change, reduce carbon footprints, and support educational initiatives.

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