Cyprus Advances Green Hydrogen Production And Initiates Hydrogen Valley Project

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry George Papanastasiou has revealed that several companies in Cyprus are proposing pilot projects for green hydrogen production, primarily utilizing solar power.


A dedicated technical committee for hydrogen has been established to assess the potential of hydrogen in the domestic market and evaluate how green hydrogen production could bolster renewable energy deployment.


Papanastasiou mentioned the European Hydrogen Strategy’s goal of achieving 10 million tons of annual production by 2030, which was doubled to 20 million tons with the REPowerEU initiative.


Additionally, 27 companies from various countries are collaborating on a hydrogen valley project in Cyprus, aiming to create a comprehensive value chain for green hydrogen, from production and storage to distribution and consumption.

Andreas Poulikkas, head of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), predicts that hydrogen will play a dominant role in various sectors, including transportation, by 2050.

Last year, the EU granted €4.5 million to the GreenH2CY consortium for a project to produce 150 tons of green hydrogen annually for transportation purposes. However, the majority of hydrogen production in the region still relies on fossil fuels.

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