Uttar Pradesh’s ‘Har Ghar Solar Abhiyan’ Illuminates Path to Clean Energy Future


In a bid to bolster the use of solar energy within the state, the Uttar Pradesh government is set to kick off the ‘Har Ghar Solar Abhiyan’ throughout October. This initiative, coinciding with Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on October 2, will be conducted in the cities of Lucknow and Varanasi.


The primary objective of this campaign is to encourage the adoption of solar energy solutions and to contribute to the ambitious targets outlined in the Uttar Pradesh Solar Energy Policy 2022, as devised by the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA). The state aims to achieve a significant milestone – installing 6000 MW of solar rooftop plants, catering to both residential and commercial sectors.


Crucially, details regarding the application process and the installation of net meters will be provided to potential beneficiaries in the near future.


Anupam Shukla, the Director of UPNEDA, revealed that the inaugural ‘Har Ghar Solar Abhiyan’ boot camp will be hosted at Vikas Bhawan in Lucknow and in close proximity to the Municipal Corporation office in Varanasi. The camp is designed to engage not only residential and commercial consumers but also involve relevant government officials from various departments.

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The event will serve as an informative platform, disseminating comprehensive insights on the setup of solar rooftop systems and guiding participants through the application process. Additionally, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the installation of net meters, crucial for tracking solar energy usage.

The ‘Har Ghar Solar Abhiyan’ represents a significant step towards harnessing the potential of solar energy in Uttar Pradesh, aligning with broader sustainability and renewable energy goals.

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