UAE’s Ambitious Clean Energy Goal: 19.8 GW By 2030, Says Al Mazrouei

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is on track to generate a total clean energy capacity of 19.8 gigawatts by 2030, according to Suhail bin Mohamed Al Mazrouei, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. He made this announcement during the opening of ADIPEC 2023, a global energy event with the theme ‘Decarbonising. Faster. Together.’


Speaking on a ministerial panel about ‘Fast Tracking the Energy Transition,’ Al Mazrouei emphasized the UAE’s rapid growth in the clean energy sector. He also outlined the country’s ambitious goals, stating, “The UAE seeks to become a leading producer and supplier of low-carbon hydrogen, working towards producing 1.4 million metric tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen annually by 2031 and 15 million metric tonnes per annum by 2050.”


Al Mazrouei stressed the importance of international collaboration in addressing energy challenges and achieving these goals.


Tayba Al Hashemi, Chair of ADIPEC 2023 and CEO of ADNOC Offshore emphasized the urgency of the global energy challenge. She expressed, “The theme of ADIPEC 2023, ‘Decarbonising. Faster. Together.,’ goes beyond just words; it serves as a strong call to action for the industry to collaborate in reshaping, reducing emissions, and ensuring the resilience of our sector.”

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Amin H. Nasser, President and CEO of Aramco, echoed the commitment to sustainable energy solutions alongside energy security. He stated, “In Aramco, we hold the belief that both energy security and sustainability can exist harmoniously.”

The panel at ADIPEC explored innovative policies and inclusive practices to meet growing energy demands while achieving net-zero emissions. Ministers highlighted the role of governments in driving collaboration and investment. They also emphasized the need for a just low-carbon future that reduces emissions while fostering economic growth.

Al Mazrouei urged a pragmatic approach, stating, “We need to keep the politics aside and work together as a technical group,” referring to OPEC. Haitham Al Ghais, Secretary-General of OPEC, emphasized the importance of having a clear roadmap for the energy transition.

Ministers from Turkey and Romania also discussed initiatives in their respective countries to facilitate a transition to cleaner energy systems.

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