Unlocking the Future of Data Centers with Huawei’s Intelligent Computing Power: A Recap of the Singapore Summit


Huawei Global Data Center Consultant Summit, Singapore was held under the theme “Embracing the Future of DC with Intelligent Computing Power”. More than 180 experts, customers, and eco-partners from Asia-Pacific data center industry associations, industry organizations, and consulting firms gathered in the Lion City to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific data center industry. They also shared best practices for building green data centers, and created an open platform for technological exchanges with the aim of building a prosperous industrial ecosystem, solidifying the computing foundation, and collaboratively shaping a successful future.


Seizing Opportunities to Build a Win-Win Future for AI Data Centers


“The consultant ecosystem plays a crucial role in the data center industry, ensuring that data centers operate at peak performance while remaining reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. Today, we will launch the APAC DC Elite Community, creating a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices within the community,” said Sun Xiaofeng, President of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Business, in his opening speech.


Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Global Senior Vice President & CTO of Huawei Data Center Business, shared his insight into the data center industry. He pointed out that the development of AI data centers imposes additional requirements on DC infrastructure reliability, fast Time to Market (TTM), and energy saving. Lithium batteries need to have better architecture design, production process, and emergency measures, and the cooling system is evolving from centralized to distributed. Full prefabrication and hybrid prefabrication can be flexibly selected based on TTM and cost requirements. Energy saving requires grid-network-load-storage and S-ECO power supply on the power-use side and more green power on the power generation of the data center. Liquid cooling and high-density power supply are major trends for high-density servers. Huawei Data Center Business needs to use the most appropriate technical route and the most reliable architecture and products to embrace the intelligent computing era.

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Kevin Shui, General Manager of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Consulting and Ecosystem Solution Dept, stated that to cope with the rapid growth of data center services, Huawei innovatively proposed the 1+4+N ecosystem strategy. Through four layers of cooperation—solution co-development, market support, brand co-creation, and standard co-building—Huawei cooperated with global consulting and design partners to build the GSSR (Green, Simple, Smart, Reliable)  data center ecosystem solution, laying a foundation for the digital world and helping customers achieve business success.

Sharing Industry Insights to Promote the Development of Asia-Pacific Data Centers

Srini Rao, Hon Sec of SGTech Data Centre Chapter, said that the Asia-Pacific landscape will see a drastic change as each country embraces its own strategy and policies towards digital transformation; this will see a surge in demand for data centers. There will be challenges such as the demand for sustainable power, a skilled workforce, and keeping pace with the growth and demand of advanced applications such as AI, ML, VR, etc. Singapore will need to continue to be innovative and take initiatives & incentivise the industry to maintain its relevance on the global and regional stage.

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Joe Ong, Associate Technology of RED APAC, emphasized that the trend for dense compute requirements is primarily driven by AI and GPU requirements. This gives rise to power density from 15 kW to 40 kW/rack. Beyond 50 kW/rack, data centers will eventually be single-storey with roofs full of air-cooled chillers or cooling towers due to limitation of roof area for heat rejection plants. Liquid-cooled data centers may gradually become the norm in the industry, with PUE equalized for both temperate and tropical countries.

Victor Lyou, CEO of DEUS, analyzed the significance of environmental sustainability and the growing trend of RE100. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, businesses are actively pursuing greener solutions, and Deus and Huawei are at the forefront of this movement. They are actively promoting sustainability in the data center sector.

Derek Hsu You Ye, Technical Delivery & Project Manager of K2 Data Centres, believed that renewable energy will be a key enabler of digital infrastructure growth in our target markets. K2 is constantly exploring options from technical, practical and economical aspects to decide the most appropriate technologies to be adopted into each data center project.

DC with Intelligent Computing Power”. They deeply discussed the new requirements and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific data center industry, technological innovation, and solutions for the era of intelligent computing power. The panelists included Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Global Senior Vice President & CTO of Huawei Data Center Business, Dr. James P. Young, Associate Director of B-Global Tech, Roy Samuels, Director Technical of CBRE Data Center Solutions APAC, Srini Rao, Hon Sec of SGTech Data Centre Chapter, Yok Kit Chong, Design Director of GDS, Yeo Howe Chien, Technical Director for Electrical Infrastructure of Meinhardt.

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During the summit, Huawei officially launched the Asia-Pacific Data Center Elite Community, aiming to enhance consensus among industry circles through high-quality exchanges and learning and to jointly create a platform for data center technology exchange in the Asia-Pacific region.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to deepen its cooperation with industry associations, organizations, and consulting firms to develop the industry ecosystem based on the DC Elite Community, and engage more customers and partners in data center solution innovation. Together, we will build greener, simpler, smarter, and more reliable data centers to achieve greater business success.

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