PLN To Build 50MW Solar Power Plant In Indonesia’s Nusantara

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The state-owned electricity company PLN is set to construct a solar power plant (PLTS) in Indonesia’s new capital, Nusantara, located in East Kalimantan province. This initiative, confirmed by the city’s authority, aims to make Nusantara a city powered by new and renewable energy sources.


The PLTS project with a 50-megawatt capacity will begin construction in November, according to Agung Wicaksono, Deputy for Funding and Investment at OIKN in Jakarta.


The objective is to ensure that Nusantara’s electricity supply primarily relies on new and renewable energy sources, aligning with the vision outlined in Law No. 3 of 2022 for the new capital.


The future city is designed to be highly dependent on new and renewable energy generators, including PLTS, solar farms, and solar panels. Excess solar energy generated will be stored and integrated into the electricity system of Kalimantan Island.

To ensure a reliable electricity supply for Nusantara, the government is implementing smart grid technology, an advanced electricity network system that optimizes digital communication for efficient control, operation, and distribution of electricity.

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