LONGi’s High-Efficiency Hi-MO 7 Modules Contribute to Ecological Improvement in Desert Areas


Pingluo County, located in the north of Ningxia, is mostly covered by sand and sparse vegetation. Its continental climate combines a relative lack of rain with significant levels of solar irradiance and wind, explaining the reason behind its selection as one part of the Wind and PV Plants Base, where the story of Hi-MO 7 begins.


At the beginning of 2023, a complex project combining solar and wind power was scheduled for construction and grid connection before the start of 2024. Based on the topography and climate of the project site, LONGi’s Hi-MO 7 module was chosen for the supply of the solar power element. Its 80% high bifaciality and -0.28%/°C low-temperature coefficient perfectly suit the bare sandy ground and high-temperature operation during summer days. Hi-MO 7’s low degradation rate also guarantees excellent power yield performance from the 1st to the 30th year and beyond, maintaining a high power output level to the end of the product’s lifecycle.

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Since the contract’s signature in June, LONGi has demonstrated a high degree of fulfilment efficiency, with commencement to 80% completion taking only 3 months, underlining the company’s capacity for both manufacturing and delivery.


The Hi-MO 7 modules are fixed to racks with a 1.5-meter clearance above the ground, which slows surface wind speed and reduces water vapour evaporation. The difference in temperature between day and night can also condense water vapour into droplets that fall to the ground, allowing the growth of vegetation for sand cementation, and enabling the gradual, long-term improvement of the ecosystem.

Hi-MO 7 is a product that has undergone continual optimization over 2 years, ranking first in TÜV Rheinland’s “All Quality Matters” 2023 outdoor energy yield simulation and outdoor energy yield tests. With the policy of developing more wind and PV plants in western China, Hi-MO 7 is set to adopt a high profile in such scenarios and prove its potential product value.

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