Syrian Government Launches 1.15 MW Solar Energy System For Water Pumping In Al-Bab


The Syrian government has initiated a project in Al-Bab, northern Aleppo, to establish a solar energy system for water pumping stations.


Valued at 2 million euros, the system boasts a 1.15-megawatt capacity and aims to serve as the primary energy source for drinking water wells in the Al-Bab region.


The Minister of Local Administration and Services, Muhammad Saeed Suleiman, highlighted the project’s significance in addressing the energy needs of rural areas north of Aleppo, with 2,547 solar panels contributing to the largest energy generation volume in northern Syria.


The initiative, supported by the Syria Reconstruction Trust Fund, targets servicing 200,000 people in Al-Bab, aiming to ease water pumping challenges and providing a monthly fuel cost saving of approximately $30,000 for the Al-Bab City Council.

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