Sineng Electric Has Been Pioneering PV Inverter Market With Enormous Amount Of Worldwide Installed Inverters As Of July 2019


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    Founded in 2009 with 13 GW inverter manufacturing capacity, Sineng Electric has been pioneering PV inverter market with enormous amount of worldwide installed inverters as of July 2019. To meet exponentially increased local demands and provide on-time delivery and service, it has established 3GW annual production capacity factory in Bangalore, India in 2018. R&D division is considered as the backbone of its leadership in market, that’s why a huge amount of its turnover is invested annually in product development. Sineng is committed to ensure state-of-the-art technology and has been working relentlessly with a motto “Endless Energy for Limitless Green.”


    Sineng offers a complete range of central -EP series, central distributed -CP series and string inverter-SP series solutions spanning from commission, installation and maintenance across the world. It also provides series of energy storage solutions (ESS)- EM, EC, EH and ES series for DC and AC side, PPC and SCADA solution for monitoring and controlling the power plant. These wide ranges of inverters and ESS solutions are suitable to meet the diversified needs of customers for the smallest residential PV systems right up to huge MW and GW PV plants.

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    At REI-2019, Sineng will display its flagship product 3.125 MW central inverter (EP-3125-HA-UD) which has been extensively adopted by Indian customers. It features 3-level topology, maximum efficiency of 99%, and able to deliver up to 3125 KW without derating at an ambient temperature up to 50 ºC. In addition to this, it also come along with IP54 overall protection (IP65 for internal components such as IGBT module, DC bus capacitor, SMPS for various drive, DSP control board etc) and anti-corrosion protection to protect the inverter from harsh environments, especially suitable for hot and humid climates in India. The inverter can gain DC/AC ration up to 1.5 which ensures high yield. To connect to the grid as per IEC and CEA requirements, respectively, it is also equipped with night static VAR generator-SVG function, anti-islanding, over/under voltage protection and LVRT capability for smooth operation. Input and output side of the inverter is designed following IEC, EN and other standards so as to secure the highest level of safety for inverters and users.

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    This is amazing! One of the breakthrough innovations of this inverter is 2-phase cooling system which uses the theories of thermodynamics -Endothermic vaporization, Exothermic condensation and Thermosiphon mechanism. It is a closed system that contains a small amount of refrigerant. Rotating speed of cooling fans is controlled by DSP controller according to sensed internal temperature which enables this device to save energy loss.

    What a rush! EP-3.125 MW Inverter is a front maintenance and modular designed device which saves time and is convenient for inspecting and repairing while any fault occurs. It was developed for large-scale 1500V ground mounted PV plants. Adopting this device gives an ease to design 6.25MW or 12.5MW large block, which in return enable to achieve optimum LCOE. It supports RS485 communication interface which allows it for longer distance, faster data transmission and noise free. Compared with same rated power inverter of other brands, it is smaller and more cost effective.

    Sineng will showcase multi-MPPTs 60 KW string inverters (SP-60K-L) as well which focuses on large and medium-scale commercial rooftop. Another latest model of string family is SP-200K-H0 which is characterized by maximum efficiency of 99% and delivers one of the highest power densities on the present string inverter market. It possesses 10 MPPTs which help in reducing mismatch problems.

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    At our booth, visitors will also get the opportunity to acquire insights on Integrated Solution -4.0 and energy storage solutions (ESS). Intelligent combiner box, model- EJB-H24-M12 will also be exhibited which features 12 MPPTs, IP-65 protection level, over voltage and current protection and so on. It also supports bifacial PV modules with maximum input current 13A.

    At Sineng, we are always learning, always improving, and always growing. Should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and visit our site at http://www.si-neng.com.

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