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SKY PROJECT (KUSUM YOJNA)  TOP Position in Gujarat

  • The Gujarat government on launched a solar power scheme for farmers- Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY) enabling them to generate electricity for their captive consumption as well as sell the surplus power to the grid and earn an extra buck & Now in future it will be undercover in KUSUM scheme (Government launched new scheme). SOFARSOLAR own WAREHOUSE in Ahmedabad-Guajrat with wide space & local Indian registration as name of SOFARSOLAR INDIA PVT LTD. 

LOCAL SALES-SERVICE SUPPORT with LONGVISION  Business Policy  Establishment in INDIA.

  • SOFARSOLAR is currently installed more than 28MW covering whole Gujarat Region & another more than 30Mw projection to install very soon. These project demanding very high quality and flexible adaptability for various grid situations and outstanding efficiency in extreme weather condition. SOFAR 4.4KW – 70KW models are using with RS-485 communication. SOFARSOLAR is biggest installer & TOP Position in SKY PROJECT Scheme.
  • In recent SKY project numbers of inverters are installed in  PGVCL feeder. But due to grid fluctuation of one phase w.r.t other phase inverters repetitively tripped. So we are taking voltage graphs on CRO during Peak time and find the reason of grid voltage variation. We troubleshoot that problem by upgrading inverters and changing voltage limitation for particular feeder. Now all inverters are working in all types of weather condition in different state  and generate more energy.
  • In adequate performance of SOFARSOLAR inverters with different data loggers, Grid voltage, extreme conditions, flexible installation pattern proves to be leading in PV market.
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