Waaree Solar Pumps To Help Solve Drinking Water Problems Of 1500 Villages


Waaree has recently installed 1500 Solar pumps across Jharkhand to help solve villages the drinking water problems. These pumps are installed under the Solar water pump scheme , for jharkhand state, to help solve the acute drinking water shortage problems.


Waaree Supplied 1HP Solar water pump, with head of 60 meters. these submersible pumps are installed at village level by panchayats at village level. The Submersible DC Solar pumps draw energy from solar panels and come be interchangeable drivers, which helps them to convert to AC Pumps if need arises.The solar pumps are of high quality and come with 3 years warranty, backed by waarees largest sales and service network across the state.


With a vision to provide high quality and cost effective sustainable energy solutions across all the markets, reducing carbon foot print  paving way for sustainable energy thereby improving quality of present and future human lifeWaaree is looking forward for more such orders to help people avail clean drinking water.

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