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According to the recently released DNV GL Energy Transition Report (ETO), by 2030 more than 50% of the globe’s electrical needs will still be provided by heavy carbon non-renewable sources. This is driving climate change that is impacting all of us now and will continue to impact future generations unless dramatic steps are taken.

GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), now a part of DNV GL, is transitioning the energy landscape towards a fully renewable ecosystem to improve the world for future generations. Their purpose is to provide digital tools to maximize the performance of renewable energy assets, optimize efficiency in the management of renewable energy portfolios and contribute to have the greenest energy mix in the grid.

Their customer centricity mind-set is the key to develop cutting-edge monitoring solutions designed for current and future customer demands: GPM SCADA (local SCADA management solution used in-plant), GPM Plus (fleet and portfolio asset management), GPM Portal (web-based performance monitoring) and GPM PPC (PowerPlantController for managing the real and reactive power from Solar, Wind and storage-hybrid plants).

In 2018, GreenPowerMonitor launched GPM Horizon, the world’s first data monitoring platform for integrated wind, solar and energy storage systems. GPM Horizon enables future-proof fleet management by bringing digitalization technologies and integrated renewables systems together in one tool, which are the key drivers for the global energy transition.

To realise the full potential of delivering clean energy in the years to come, integrating renewables systems by using the latest digital technologies will be key. To capitalise on this trend, GPM Horizon is designed to deliver a streamlined 360-degree integration of systems and technologies.

The artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications of GPM Horizon enables users to transform their data into actionable insights. GreenPowerMonitor has a long tradition and experience in successfully managing renewable assets by providing customized solutions for meeting its clients’ needs. Their monitoring, managing, and analytic solutions have helped more than 700 clients in 72 different countries with a current portfolio of 30GW between solar and wind.

AlsoEnergy, Inc.:

AlsoEnergy is a global leader in technology solutions to manage, monitor, and control solar PV power plants and rooftop arrays. With over 200,000 deployed solutions across 55 countries, AlsoEnergy currently monitors more than 30GW of solar PV production worldwide. Global sales efforts are supported with offices in the United States, Germany, India and Japan. 

AlsoEnergy is home to Locus Energy, which has been active in the APAC region since 2015. AlsoEnergy supports sales, service and Software Development in India with nearly 80 employees working from their regional headquarters in Gurgaon. The end-to-end solutions from AlsoEnergy include the proprietary solar-specific software suite PowerTrack™ along with complete hardware systems for monitoring and control, as well as professional services spanning from system design and engineering through long-term support over the project lifecycle. PowerTrack enables users to cover all aspects of operations and management using a single software platform. The web-based software platform works together with specialized applications for mobile devices and network operation centers to close the loop between field and office activities. PowerTrack provides advanced monitoring capabilities with solar-specific performance analysis including alerts, diagnostics, and remote troubleshooting in addition to features such as RuleTool that helps collate alerts throughout the fleet and allows you to prioritize corrective actions. 

The platform also integrates asset management capabilities such as report generation, financial analysis, and contract management, along with O&M management via integrated CMMS job ticketing software. Systems for power plant control and battery storage can be seamlessly integrated with PowerTrack as well, creating a single enterprise-level platform to manage your entire fleet of assets.

PowerTrack platform eliminates the need to constantly move data among platforms and applications, and avoid the confusion of storing valuable records across multiple incompatible databases. PowerTrack captures and curates data across all projects to establish a shared single version of the truth on a flexible, collaborative platform. In order to extend the benefits of the PowerTrack platform to an entire fleet of assets, AlsoEnergy provides specialized services to migrate data from clients’ legacy assets into the PowerTrack database; this process is generally accomplished utilizing the AlsoEnergy API with no need for new hardware on site.

For SCADA system needs, AlsoEnergy offers a single solution to control and monitor both the power plant and the sub-stations. Power Plant Control Solutions meet even the most challenging grid connection requirements with a wide range of capabilities including predicted power forecasting, stand-alone operations, and reverse power protection.

Zero Backfeed Solutions from AlsoEnergy enable dynamic control of the power delivered by the solar plant, matching it to customer consumption demands while operating the diesel gensets. Zero Backfeed Solutions are suitable for PV systems as well as hybrid PV systems with DG and battery. 

As the central hub of performance management for commercial and industrial scale solar PV systems, real time Reverse Power Protection Systems (RPPS) from AlsoEnergy meet the most stringent requirements for security, precision, and reliability. Every Power Plant Control Solution includes seamless integration with the web-based PowerTrack platform such that asset managers, performance engineers, and O&M providers can utilize the extensive platform capabilities.

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Mahindra TEQO:

Mahindra Teqo is a new age tech-enabled Renewable Energy Asset Management offering from the flagship Mahindra Group, a US$ 20.7 billion group spread across 100+ countries. It is amongst the Top 10 global RE asset management companies, with more than 500+ years of collective team experience and a total portfolio (O&M, SCADA, Due-Diligence and Testing & Commissioning Services) of over 6 GWp.

Mahindra Teqo offers turnkey asset management solutions which help the renewable energy asset owners maximize returns. The key differentiator for Mahindra Teqo is the infusion of technology to drive operational efficiency, whether it is use of drones for thermography, augmented reality for maintenance training, robotics for grass removal and module cleaning, artificial intelligence and machine-learning for plant under-performance detection. Their suite of software products is designed to be user friendly and to drive actionable insights.

Mahindra Teqo with locations in India, UAE, Thailand, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy and other key renewable locations are uniquely qualified to support in your renewable asset management journey, being an independent global third-party asset management company with extensive hands-on experience across diverse assets from small off-grid 5kWp to large scale 700 MWp PV plants, from dry and arid deserts, to humid and damp farmlands. All of this while ensuring 100% safe man-hours. The company clocked over 7 million safe man hours across 200+ locations since 2012. 

Their portfolio includes O&M Services – 3600 MWp, Solar PV Monitoring – 1500 MWp and Testing & Technical Due Diligence – 2100 MWp. The company’s service offerings include solar operations & maintenance, technical due  diligence, complete AC & DC testing, commissioning, remote monitoring and KPO services.

Some of the company’s product offerings are:

  1. SolarPulse (Solar PV Monitoring System)
  2. Teqolytics (Teqo Advanced Analytics Platform) 
  3. WindPulse (Wind Farm Monitoring System)
  4. TeqoOS (Teqo ERP for Plant Operations)
  5. FactoryPulse (Machine Intelligence System)

Apollo Energy Analytics:

ApolloTM, is a performance intelligence and health analytics solution owned by Helios IoT Systems Pvt. Ltd., an Energy Analytics Solution company headquartered in Pune, India. Helios has been a part of the StartUp India program since Jan 2018. Like most sectors, the solar industry is rapidly embracing ways to analyse and crunch data in order to lower the cost of solar energy and open new markets for their technology. 

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management are two verticals within the Solar Project Lifecycle that requires optimization to lower the cost. Apollo™ a performance intelligence and health analytics solution, empowers digital twin technology revolution in renewable energy by helping businesses to benefit from valuable insights for decision making.

The company has developed an IoT based energy analytics platform to improve the solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant operations and performance via next-generation data analytics products. 

Apollo™ is a suite of enterprise applications specifically designed to generate actionable closed loop insights for the renewable energy industry. The applications enable all the ecosystem’s stakeholders to improve productivity in the O&M and asset management space empowered by its patented digital twin and IoT technology to solve business critical and complex problems. 

ApolloTM has seven modules specifically designed to benefit developers (IPPs), CxOs, O&M team, asset management team, performance analysts & component manufacturers (OEM) to enable them to effectively manage their entire portfolio.

These modules are: 

1. Plant Configurator – Captures digital replica of your plant and its assets 

2. CxO Visualizer – Offers one stop overview of your portfolio 

3. Event Discovery – Realises all events across your portfolio and effectively manages SLA 

4. Performance Insights – Delivers real-time performance benchmarking of your solar PV power plant and its assets 

5. Health Assessment – Analyses long-term health degradation of your OEM devices 

6. Energy Loss Insights – Summarises energy dissipation of your plant and its assets 

7. Ad-hoc analysis – Carries out your own ad-hoc analysis and generates custom reports 

The company assists businesses with complex decision making using accurate financial, operational, performance and health insights. It enables the O&M, asset management and data science teams with industry standard best practices. It further optimizes your asset generation and downtime via automated fault management system. Insights are generated by accessing your OEM and domain expertise to debug the performance and health related issues of your assets. The system delivers ad-hoc data analysis. 

The technology stack from the company include:

• Patented Digital Twin Technology performance benchmarking of solar PV power plant 

• Rule Engine industry standard KPIs & event generation 

• Machine Learning analyse, predict performance and health of core OEM devices 

• Decision Engine generate insights to enhance business intelligence 

• Diagnosis Engine root cause analysis and solution recommendation to business problems 

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TrackSo is an IoT based Solar PV monitoring system. It is a product from Free Spirits Green Labs Pvt Ltd, a company founded in 2015. TrackSo was conceived by the alumni of DTU (Formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering) and IIIT-Allahabad with a goal to prevent energy wastage and promote cleaner and greener future.

With more than 200 clients across India, TrackSo is one of the leading providers of solar PV monitoring systems in the country.

Few of the prestigious sites monitored using TrackSo platform are :

1. AIIMS Jodhpur (1.3 MW)

2. Pragati Power, Bawana (1 MW)

3. IIT Patna (1 MW)

4. NIT, Agartala (1 MW)

5. NIT, Silchar (1 MW)

The company is keen on building an easy-to-use and efficient solution for solar companies that provide operation and maintenance of solar plants. With the help of its IoT based data monitoring and analytics platform, clients are able to monitor their plant performance and detect failures in real time. This helps them reduce their operational costs by up to 40% and increase the uptime and efficiency of the plants. 

Their solution comprises 2 major components which are Data Gateways/Loggers and Data Monitoring and Analytics Software Platform. TrackSo comes with a range of Data loggers for varied use cases of the industry and SAAS platform comes with one year and 5-year monitoring plan. Clients can easily make choices as per their requirements and budgets, as it is a price sensitive market. 

Customer Centricity lies at the core of the company philosophy, so they have an equal focus on the after-sales-service as well as pre-sales. The solar industry which is yet in its early phase of adopting such technologies, it is important to keep the customer technology literate and providing after-sales support to make the best use of the products.


EnerMAN stands for Energy, Monitoring, Analytics, Notification through which the company endeavours to empower its clients save every unit of energy generated. EnerMAN Technologies Private Limited is a subsidiary of Avi Solar Energy Pvt Ltd., India’s leading IoT based technology solutions provider for all forms of sustainable energy with a vision to provide innovative solutions to save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

EnerMAN comes with its monitoring products embedded with a domain experience of 2 GW OMS Services by its parental company Avi Solar. They also came up with an in-house development of hardware, firmware and own software befitting the customer to have any level of customization.

EnerMAN works with the renowned cloud service provider with various levels of Backup as well as data security system. The company offers:

  1. ET-SOL™ SCADA, which is an IoT based, indigenous remote monitoring and control system that comprises of ET-SOL datalogger(ET-LOG) which has the ability to store data at site level and advanced cloud-based software that processes data from Solar PV plants. This can be accessed remotely. EnerMAN has already supplied and installed IoT based SCADA & remote monitoring solutions to more than 900+MWp of solar PV power plants across India.
  2. ET-CONNECT (Centralized Integrated Monitoring Platform) is compatible with your existing SCADA. With smart notification, alarm systems and powerful analysis features, one can prevent loss generation and improve plant performance.

EnerMAN makes sure its customers are satisfied with their products and services. A strong and service team is dedicated towards resolving the problems faced by customers. The company is spread across all the solar States of India, thus ensuring that customer issues are resolved at the site within the shortest possible time.


Working towards the vision of building technologies to mitigate climate change or areas affected by the same, AirProbe believes that Innovation and AI is the future of solar operations & management. Having inspected 5.5 GWp of solar assets in the last 18 months, AirProbe is leading the way to digitize solar PV assets and create a one stop portal for all your field measurements.

AirProbe empowers anyone with a thermal drone to inspect solar assets in the most efficient way using its state-of-the-art software utilizing AI and computer vision. The entire process is split into 3 simple steps: Capture, Process and Digitize. The first step of data capture is made extremely scalable with its workflow being 3.7 times faster than existing mapping technologies, following which the data is processed using AI and computer vision algorithms to identify and locate modules and strings on a digital twin of the Solar Asset. The results generated can be viewed on a smartphone or the company’s web app which not only includes fault statistics and its impact, but also corrective measures to improve the plant performance. Furthermore, it is a one-stop platform for all industry needs to inspect, analyze and manage the asset health data including IV curves, EL images and other field measurements aiding for better preventive and predictive maintenance.

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AirProbe believes in helping the industry get better insights on how issues are spread across different assets across the globe to help in standardization of the process and better planning to keep the O&M budget lean, yet effective. With a presence in more than 30 countries, the team is accelerating towards building an all-in-one inspection data management platform for PV module reliability evaluation, under-performance root cause analysis, plant stabilization post commissioning, and ultimately benchmarking each and every Solar PV asset across the globe to help make solar reliable.


The company’s mission is to provide solar and weather information that will help professionals anywhere in the world, to build and operate successful solar projects. The data, online apps, and consultancy services are tailored to significantly reduce risk and enable companies make world-class solar project decisions. 

With over 19 years of experience in solar energy assessment and photovoltaic energy modeling, Solargis has evolved to become a choice for the majority of solar market leaders in over 100 countries all around the world.The Prospect app from Solargis is a solar prospecting tool for fast and reliable project pre-feasibility. Accurate estimation of solar energy potential is crucial in the pre-feasibility phases. Besides accurate results, it is also desired that the pre-feasibility study is done efficiently. Solargis prospecting tools, iMaps and pvPlanner, provide fast access to reliable solar yield estimates. The new Prospect tool further increases accuracy of estimates and makes it easier to collaborate efficiently on development of solar projects.

PV Diagnostics:

PV Diagnostics was started by a group of IIT Bombay graduates and industry veterans in Jan 2017 with an aim to improve solar power plant efficiency through data science and diagnostics. With a team consisting of people from top institutes and a cumulative experience of 80+ years in the solar industry, spread across module and cell manufacturing, solar power plant design, engineering, maintenance and diagnostics, and consulting services. The company has consulted plants across all major solar parks, covering more than 2GW, and field data of more than 300,000 modules giving its algorithms an unparalleled technical edge for Indian solar plants.

Prior to founding PV Diagnostics, the company co-founders identified a gap indicating the absence of a one-stop solution that offered quality control services to PV plant owners. The company started its journey by working on a test plant, where they were able to improve 2% generation through technical intervention, with a payback period of fewer than 2 years. 

The company provides end-to-end health check-up of solar power plants. The core focus of company studies is on the performance turn-around for solar assets. If your plant is 3 to 5 years old and generating less than expected, the company can help you recover the lost power. The company helps conduct in-depth module quality assessment through portable EL and drone-thermal. They possess state-of-the-art technology to diagnose plants including portable (hand-held) EL imaging and drone-based thermography, which can help assess and monitor the overall quality of modules in the plant, categorize defects and identify ones for replacement. Also technical due diligence is conducted on plants and predictive models for energy yield assessment is prepared.

The company works with multiple investors, asset managers and refinancers on technical due diligence of the assets, covering electrical, civil and contractual assessment of the solar plants. With the core objective of simplifying decision making, the company’s data-centric approach prepares a highly quantitative assessment of plant health, expected generation and maximum generation potential along with a step-by-step performance improvement strategy.

Since inception, PV Diagnostics has been at the forefront of quality and diagnostics for solar in India. It has worked with all leading developers, EPCs, and investors to include Tata Power, Softbank Energy, ReNew Power, Avaada, Vector Green and Sterling & Wilson are few of them. 

The company is also building a cloud-based platform to enable its customers with easy and affordable diagnostics, quality control and data-driven maintenance. The platform integrates smart databases, computer vision and machine learning to provide predictive diagnostics, while empowering plant owners to make proactive decisions by integrating diagnostics with regular SCADA monitoring. 

They are also building an R&D infrastructure in collaboration with the National Center for Photovoltaic Research and Education, IIT Bombay. Soon they will be launching a host of new tools that will further improve accuracy and reduce costs, speed and lead time of diagnostics. 


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