BISOL Group Announces the Launch of a BISOL Supreme Series PV modules with 100 % Output Power Guarantee


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BISOL Group will, as the first, one and only company in the world start offering PV modules with 100 % Output Power Guarantee. The name BISOL Supreme was chosen because it allows us to relax and fully enjoy the comfort of pure luxury. BISOL Supreme is the world’s new trendsetter that will be followed by all future PV modules. Did you ever buy a car that would have guaranteed only degraded horsepower? So why would one expect it to be different for a PV module? Degradation is in the nature of every product, but why should the customer pay for it extra. For this reason, BISOL has derived its new product series to perfection! By the use of specialised equipment, materials tested till destruction, and unique state‑of‑the‑art manufacturing processes, BISOL is able to provide a 0 % effective degradation rate for its clients!


BISOL Supreme series features many unique technical advantages that comprehensively benefit the client. Compared to the best in class modules currently available on the market with a linear power guarantee, BISOL Supreme exhibits at least 11 % higher energy yield over the guarantee period, which boosts a PV plant performance and profitability to the extremes. BISOL Supreme is also PID, LID, or any other induced degradation free product, which besides improved temperature coefficients and lower NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature), further maximises its key advantages.

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As Dr Uros Merc, co-founder and president of BISOL Group, emphasises:

“BISOL is all about bringing value to the market, always putting customers first. For the first time, we can see the perfect and carefree PV module. That is why we named it the Supreme. But its advantages do not end with guarantees and superior performance. Every module is equipped with individualised QR Code that shows full ID Card of the module, from I/V curves, flash data, EL images, incorporated material, personnel engaged in manufacturing processes, and importantly, personalised certificate of quality control. We have also been creative with designer packaging that shares with our customers exciting and informative content on solar and renewables in general.”

In 2020 the BISOL Supreme will have limited availability of 30 MW per BISOL client. Do not miss your opportunity to enter the new era of solar PV modules and be among the first to benefit from BISOL Supreme!

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