Hevel Group expands production capacity to 340 MW

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The company plans to reach the full manufacture production in the third quarter of 2020.


Production capacity of the Hevel factory increases due to the following factors:

  • Installation of additional equipment for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
  • Realization of our R&D program that allows to increase physical vapor deposition equipment capacity
  • Increase of production line capacity by manufacturing activity optimization

The company creates ten new highly qualified jobs at the plant in order to reach production plans. Nowadays there are more than 600 people working there.

Hevel finished the second part of the plant modernization in June 2019 expanding yearly solar modules production capacity from 160 to 260 MW. The company also started production of 72-cell bifacial HJT modules with a capacity of up to 385 W not considering the bifaciality factor. Capacity of the modules considering the bifaciality factor is more than 440 W.

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