Exel Solar Chooses Solytic to Bring Hardware-Independent PV Monitoring to Mexico


PV plants in Mexico have great potential to produce high returns but ineffective operations and maintenance are holding the market back. The average operator is using 6-8 different portals to monitor plants. On top of that, most portals are provided by inverter OEMs [original equipment manufacturers].


Exel Solar, one of the leading solar PV distributors in Mexico, has made it its mission to find a professional, hardware-independent solution for the Mexican market. After almost a year of thorough research, they were down to four possible solutions and Exel Solar announced this month it had picked Solytic as its monitoring solution.

“Choosing the right monitoring partner is a crucial decision in our growth strategy, so we put a lot of time into research and comparison to make sure we choose the best option for us and especially for all of our customers,” said Daniel Alejandro Duque Flores, commercial and industrial and projects director at Exel Solar. “Next to features, the solution had to be easy to use but also strong and dynamic to grow at the same pace our market is growing. Fast onboarding of PV plants and low recurring costs are also very important factors if we want to scale. After eight months of intensive research, we chose Solytic.

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“We really liked the interface optimized for boosting our productivity. Just the fact that we can now monitor all our plants from a single portal without installing any new components, is just amazing. If we want to monitor thousands of plants we need to be as effective as possible. That, combined with the attractive pricing structure, enables us to charge half the price for monitoring to our customers compared with the other solutions.”

Exel Solar plans to onboard more than 1,000 plants to Solytic’s monitoring portal this year. The onboarding itself and customer support will be provided by Exel Solar.

“Although we monitor more than 100,000 plants in over 42 countries, we mainly focused our marketing and sales efforts on our home markets – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – in our first two years since founding,” said Solytic co-founder Johannes Dahl. “But with our recent series A funding round we are now prepared to expand internationally. As our first partnership in the Americas, this marks an important milestone for Solytic. Exel Solar has the experience, the resources, local market insights and strategic foresight to make this very successful. Opening our own offices all over the world would take a lot of resources that we would rather use to make our product better. That’s why we prefer to cooperate with strong partners like Exel Solar.”

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