Jinko Solar has always been in the forefront when it comes to Technological Innovations


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Mr. Manish Narula, Head of Business Development & Senior Sales Director, Jinko Solar

Please shed some light on the growth plans for India. Which are the key market segments that you plan to target this year?


Jinko Solar sees tremendous potential in Indian Solar market. We believe in long term investment. Considering this, we have developed versatile, well experienced strong team in India from diversified backgrounds (IPPs, Developers, EPCs & Module manufacturers). Our team comprises of Sales and Marketing professionals, Quality and After service, Legal, Finance, HR & Sales Support functions. This robust team is a strong indicator of Jinko’s growth plans for India. Last year, Jinko was on top of the list for Mono PERC orders in India. We already launched our highly competitive and strong quality Global product in Indian market. 


Our key market segments are Utility Scale Solar, Commercial & Industrial and Open Access. We are poised to remain as Top Choice of our clients due to robust techno-commercial offering in line with prevailing Tariffs in these segments. For Rooftop segment, our high efficiency module series is obvious selection over competition due to its inherent benefit of more capacity in limited space.

How do you see your company evolving over the years?

For the last consecutive four years, Jinko Solar is maintaining its position at the top in Global Tier-1 list, be it for highest annual modules shipment or highest bankability or world record module efficiency or several high level Industry awards and accolades. Due to solid management support towards facility expansion, an ability to identify future market trends and capabilities to implement technical innovations in our products and services, Jinko Solar can supply an industry leading bankable Mono PERC product series across the globe. At present, Jinko Solar is projected to deliver around 19 GW of Solar Modules globally in 2020, which will be over 30% Year-on-Year growth.

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Tell us something about the recent technological innovations in your products and services?

Jinko Solar has always been in the forefront when it comes to Technological Innovations. Our R&D team, world class Quality Control, Manufacturing capabilities & robust supply chain ensure that we launch new products with future technologies on regular basis. It helps us in consistently staying ahead in the market. Our recent launch is Tiger modules series. It uses Tiling Ribbon technology, Half Cut cells & Nine Bus bars to achieve high efficiency and high yielding Solar Modules of 455 to 460 Wp . It is available in both variants: mono-facial & bifacial. When it comes to Services, we have in-house after-sales technical support team to address any field issues, with shorter turn-around-time support mechanism. Also we extend support to our clients by helping them in choosing an appropriate viable module technology suitable for its site conditions.

What are the latest trends and innovations in module technology?

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Offering higher Module wattage is a way to remain competitive in highly competitive Solar Power Tariffs. Many module manufacturers are adopting bigger cell size to offer higher Wattage modules. Due to this, the overall module size is becoming larger and causing site handling and breakage issues. The key here is to achieve optimum cell size and still meet higher Wattage requirements. With the help of R&D driven analysis, Jinko strongly believes that cell sizes up to 163 mm are the most optimum and have ability to become mainstream products in 2020 and beyond. N-Type high efficiency modules are also entering into market. But these are yet to be commercially adopted in Indian projects. However, Tiling Ribbon type modules are highly expected to become the most preferred choice for Indian Solar Developers due to higher yield and lower LCOE to match with competitive tariffs & win the upcoming bids.

As per you, which are the top 2-3 key components of a module, which help in long and sustainable life of Solar project?

As we all know that Solar Module is an assembly of various big and small components. The key here is to identify & use best compatible components suitable to Indian climatic conditions. There is no room to compromise on quality on any component. Especially, post BIS, all module components have to be of highest quality standards. Out of these components, Solar Cell & Backsheet are critical to determine long and sustainable life to the Solar PV Plant. As per our standard practice, Jinko offers its own Solar Cells, exceedingly reliable and manufactured at Jinko’s high-level quality workshop. Another key component Backsheet, where Jinko uses DuPont’s Tedlar material, can offer reliable longer product life in tough Indian climatic conditions. We strongly believe based on our experience across the globe, that if any client considers above key components, their Solar project life can be enhanced favorably.

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