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Mr. Yann Brandt, Director, ESDEC India Pvt Ltd

Can you brief our readers about the products and services that you provide?


First of all, thank you for arranging this interview, I am very happy to be with you. ESDEC is the leader in innovative rooftop mounting systems. We have Installed 7GWp worldwide of our various Innovative mounting systems. Our flagship project is Flatfix fusion for flat roof surface and Clickfit for slope roof surface. 


We have 60% market shares in USA & 25 % In Holland. Our flatfix fusion products have patented technology with single tool approach and with award winning technology that allows installers to achieve 40% faster installation compared to other products available in the market.
Nowadays PV systems like panels, inverter are becoming standardized and the only part of the system which is non-standard is Mounting. Our concept is to make mounting system standard with best ballast calculation tools, using single tool approach, clicking system and standardizing the tilt angle of our product to 13 degrees. With our innovative East-west (dual orientation systems you can install 40% of more panels on the roof which means more revenue to the building owner and utilities. 

What are the recent trends in mounting solutions? How is ESDEC geared up for the new trends in the market?

This year we have very good start in USA and Europe and we are entering the  India and Asian markets. Investors in solar projects are looking for a great product backed by a bankable company like Esdec. We are also working on portfolio management; training of Installers and our system is specially designed by Installer for Installer.

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We are combining our Engineering and supply chain, R&D team, testing and certification team within ESDEC and get best of synergy effects. We see that there will be more consolidation in Mounting systems worldwide and a lot of development required to reduce the ballast weights of the structure and having professional project Management and portfolio management, calculations tools, Minimizing project execution time with continued innovation.

Can you tell us about how are you planning to expand your business after acquiring Quick Mount PV and IronRidge?

In the last two years we acquired three companies in USA (Ecofasten, Quick Mount PV and IronRidge) to join our team in Europe where we are active in 16 countries. Our strategy is to develop synergies in supply chain, combining R&D and innovation efforts and provide full range of products to our customer with quick turnarounds and best in class ballast calculation tools. At the same time combining regulatory and certifications, wind tunnels testing and certifications as per market needs to maximize the benefit to the installers around the world. 

We plan to expand dealers and distributors in our network with our existing sales force through our recent acquisition of Quick Mount PV and IronRidge. 

What exciting opportunities do you see in the Indian and global markets? What are your growth plans for Indian Market?

Indian market is Globally top 3 PV market and we expect this Market will be in TOP rankings for coming decades.

We see very few companies offering Ballast type of solutions with professional ballast calculators and portfolio managements.

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 This year we have started our focus on Indian and Asian market and our strategy is working with local distributors and installers. Our target and aim are proving necessary tools and training to our partners to achieve desired speed of installations of PV plants and maximize their profits.

We have appointed SRPL Group as our distribution and service partner at the same time we have developed local supply chain and we will be producing our system locally and sales to Asian market. We are actively looking for great distribution partners in these regions.

What technological breakthroughs can we expect from your company in the coming years?

Our East-west solution is very innovative and with these solutions you can install 40% more solar panels and utilize the roof at the same time. This will reduce overall ballast weight. We are also working on upgrading the calculators and continuously developing solutions which standardize the bill of materials, manage the project quickly. As you Know Time is money and our major goal is to reduce installation time further and make our distributors and installers and EPC companies life easier and maximize their profits.

Any top few distinguishing factors you would give to a project developer in India while choosing your products/ services for its Solar PV plant?

Quality is best business plan and in case of PV system whole investment of PV plants is on Mounting systems so they must choose the system who can stand there and handle extreme weather conditions for 25 years and we are providing 20 year warranty for our products.

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Our calculator is designed as per IS code and tested wind tunnel test in Hollands and our product portfolio management calculator tools will keep all their present and future projects in common database.

We suggest project developers look at turnkey solutions like engineering supports, Ballast calculations, cost of ballast, quality, warranty of products, financial strength of company, wind tunnel certifications, design as per Indian code, quick, fast, easy and innovative mounting system which will last for 25 years so that your investment is in safe hands.

What revenue and portfolio targets have you set for the company over the next financial years?

ESDEC solar Group always believe in products and innovation Leadership. The market we choose we want to dominate the markets and this year we are planning to work on developing local supply chain and distribution network and Installer network on PAN India Basis and position ourself as TOP 3 mounting systems and solution provider for Indian market.

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