New Voyage of SOFARSOLAR: Open the Window Period of Photovoltaic Storage Development with Ingenuity and Concentration


“I have God’s will, just like the wheel man has compass, and the craftsman has ruler…” Craftsmen, represent a spirit of pursuing perfection and a state of mind of striving for excellence.


This is true of people, so is the enterprise. In the development of China’s photovoltaic industry, there are a number of craftsmen enterprises adhering to the way of perfection. They stick to the pursuit of quality, only to give customers 25 years or even the whole life cycle of stable and reliable revenue. They do constitute the backbone and cornerstone of upstream and downstream of the photovoltaic industry chain.


SOFARSOLAR, an inverter enterprise founded in 2013 and started in Shenzhen, has been determined to become a craftsman in the field of photovoltaic inverter with its focus on products and services since its birth. This persistence makes SOFARSOLAR set sail in the future voyage, full of expectations.


At the beginning of 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 has disrupted the development pace of many photovoltaic enterprises. In the chaos, the performance of SOFARSOLAR is eye-catching. April’s export data shows that SOFARSLOAR has leapt to the third place in the monthly list of inverter brand export amount in China, which has renewed the international market position of SOFARSOLAR.

In the eyes of SOFARSOLAR, which is determined to focus on photovoltaic inverter with ingenuity and concentration, what is the impact of this epidemic on the industry and enterprises? Where is the future development direction of the industry? Where is the voyage of SOFARSOLAR in the second half of the fierce photovoltaic competition? In this regard, the reporter specially interviewed Zhong Qizheng, Deputy General Manager of SOFARSOLAR.

Fight against the epidemic, stabilize growth, and build a new inverter production line with an annual output of 500, 000 units. Craftsmen pay attention to “slow down, make the technology more proficient, and let the thought precipitate a little bit”. Only by this way can we go more steadily and further.

In the face of the “black swan” — COVID-19, SOFARSOLAR maintained its determination to be a “craftsman”, moved forward steadily and stably, and worked hard to resolve the hammer caused by short-term fluctuations.

“In this COVID-19 epidemic, SOFARSOLAR has done three things: to strengthen confidence against the epidemic, to get talents ready for battle, and to promote production with full fire.” said Zhong Qizheng, Deputy General Manager of SOFARSOLAR in interview.

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Since the beginning of the year, SOFARSOLAR has formulated a series of effective measures to realize the rapid improvement of production capacity after the resumption of work. At present, the storage centers at home and abroad have sufficient stocks to fully meet the demand of domestic and foreign markets.

The financial data also reflects the steady progress of SOFARSOLAR. From January to May of 2020, the company realized a revenue of 370 million, an increase of 30% over the same period of last year. According to the latest statistics of China’s inverter export data in April 2020, the export volume of SOFARSOLAR has leapt to the top three of Chinese enterprises!

This report card of increasing revenue against the trend stems from the pursuit of the ultimate craftsmanship quality in products and services of SOFARSOLAR. Spurring with long accumulation and keeping improvement have made SOFARSOLAR a different landscape.

During the epidemic period, SOFARSOLAR was also actively exploring overseas markets. In addition to stabilizing major markets in Europe, it launched an “Ice Breaking Operation” in the Middle East and African markets. From February 25 to 27, it appeared at the Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition in Morocco, Africa; from March 3 to 5, it appeared in the Middle East International Power and Renewable Energy Exhibition. These series of actions are so valuable during the epidemic that international customers can see how much hard SOFARSOLAR works.

At the same time, SOFARSOLAR is still doing more to prepare for the future. In May, it has completed the construction of the full-automatic production line of high-power inverter above 100kW and the full-automatic packaging production line of energy storage battery. The new production lines can produce 500, 000 inverters and 20, 000 energy storage batteries annually, with an annual sales volume of 2 billion in the future.

“In 2020, SOFARSOLAR should grasp the tail of photovoltaic subsidies at home and roll up its sleeves to work hard; in the international market, it should look at Europe and lay out the whole world.” said Zhongqizheng, “the company gear up and are full of energy, striving to be the industry leader in the post epidemic era.”

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, R & D and sales of photovoltaic grid connected inverter, energy storage inverter, battery and charging pile, SOFARSOLAR products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world now, ranking among the top 5 domestic series inverter brands.

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In addition, SOFARSOLAR industrial and commercial energy storage is widely used in communication base station, 5G, iron tower and other application scenarios, leading the world. With the continuous promotion of 5G base station construction and global application, SOFARSOLAR will usher in a broader market space.

To meet the window period of photovoltaic storage development, SOFARSOLAR will be the first to lay out “New Blue Ocean”. With the development of photovoltaic industry, Photovoltaic + supporting a variety of application modes has become one of the development directions. Among them, the combination of photovoltaic and energy storage has become the focus of the industry. More industry leaders said that “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage” will be the ultimate solution for future energy.

According to the analysis of well-known foreign industry consulting agencies, it is expected that the global energy storage market will usher in an explosive period of growth in the next 5-10 years. “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage” is the most reliable and potential solution at present.

While continuously improving the product matrix of photovoltaic grid connected inverter, SOFARSOLAR has continued to invest in the field of energy storage, and has become a photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise with the early successful layout of “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage”. It has launched a series of energy storage products, such as AC coupling series energy storage inverter, grid-connected and off-grid integrated machine, energy storage battery and other energy storage products, which are welcomed by the market.

“In the post epidemic era, the window period of photovoltaic energy storage is gradually opening. As early as a few years ago, SOFARSOLAR began to lay out residential energy storage products, and it was also the first enterprise in China to develop AC coupling energy storage inverter products. We are very optimistic about the future of photovoltaic storage.” said Zhong Qizheng .

Compared with the ordinary inverter, the AC coupling inverter of SOFARSOLAR can improve the existing photovoltaic system and build a new energy storage system. At the same time, it can also be compatible with other brands of inverters, other energy generation systems, and multiple types of batteries (lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries); its internal topology adopts LLC structure, which has the characteristics of safety isolation, high efficiency and reliability. The dual-core control (DoubleDSP) and intelligent monitoring (ARM) make the inverter realize intelligent management, and the machine operation status can be also monitored through APP. At present, this product of SOFARSOLAR has been applied in many foreign countries, with tens of thousands of units shipped.

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New energy storage products of SOFARSOLAR in 2020: The high voltage and low voltage series batteries of 4-20kW three-phase energy storage inverter will be released in the near future. The new product is mainly oriented to the global market. Both grid-connected and off-grid systems can be built into a multi complementary energy generation microgrid system with the help of this new product to realize photovoltaic self-use and residual power storage, and arbitrage by combining energy storage peak and valley to maximize economic benefits and effectively mitigate the load impact on the distribution grid.

With the support of policy, “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage” has gradually been at the forefront in the stage of entering the subsidy-free affordable photovoltaic industry. At present, several provinces have successively issued wind power and photovoltaic power generation construction plans and application requirements in 2020. Among them, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hunan and other provinces have proposed to give priority to supporting new energy power generation projects with energy storage. The development window period of “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage” has opened.

In the post epidemic era, the competition in the completely market-oriented photovoltaic industry will be more intense. When the window of “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage” is opened, the “Blue Ocean” will become the “Red Sea”. SOFARSOLAR, which has already been arranged ahead of schedule to compete in the front row of the “Photovoltaic Storage” track, is bound to be a body position ahead of its competitors after firing the gun.

In this  competition of photovoltaic new blue ocean, what kind of wonderful “new voyage” will be opened by SOFARSOLAR with ingenuity and steady development, and we will wait and see!

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