TBEA New Energy TS208KTL-HV


    The road of TBEA’s inverter production began as early as 2000. At that time, the inverter market was monopolized by foreign technologies, and there were no mature technical products in China. TBEA faced the dilemma from scratch, but this did not bother them. After three years of painstaking research, they passed. In the way of cooperation between universities, TBEA will transform the inverter products from prototype to maturity.


    Product maturity does not mean market recognition. It took another 17 years for TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TBEA New Energy) from product maturity in 2003 to industrial production to become the industry’s leading enterprise. In the inverter industry of “a big change in three years and a reshuffle in five years”, too many companies have retired from the limelight in 17 years. The inverter business of TBEA New Energy has spread to more than 20 countries including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam, and its cumulative shipments have exceeded 30GW. Inverter products have also gradually expanded from the earliest centralized inverters to current high-power cascade inverters.

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    TBEA New Energy has the world’s first 200kW and more string inverters, TS208KTL-HV products, which can support up to 36 strings of photovoltaic strings and 12 MPPTs, reducing the power generation caused by the parallel mismatch of strings Loss; maximum conversion efficiency ≥99.02%, capacity ratio of more than 1.7 times, output overload capacity of 1.1 times, support 3.15 MW+ square matrix, can meet the needs of the global market; the protection level of the whole machine reaches IP66, anticorrosion level C5, using no-fuse design , Can fully adapt to harsh environments such as salt spray, high humidity, high wind and sand, extend the service life of the equipment, LCOE overall reduction of more than 7%.


    TBEA New Energy uses TS208KTL-HV high-power string inverter as the core support, and uses AI, 5G, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to achieve dual-end data fusion from the cloud to the station, providing the equipment layer and pipeline. The three-layer core management of the data layer and the data layer creates a targeted “dual-end, three-layer, multi-scenario” smart photovoltaic solution for comprehensive scenarios such as different terrains, different system configurations, and different application environments. Several large-scale photovoltaic projects such as the Indian ACME 200MW desert power station, the Indian BOSCH roof power station, the China Huaneng Yimin open-pit coal mine power station, and the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant have been successfully connected to the grid in 2019, making India and China become global. The first batch of countries with 1500V 200kW and above photovoltaic projects connected to the grid. With these achievements, in the “2019 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises List”, TBEA New Energy’s ranking has steadily increased by 8 places, ranking 89th. This year, TBEA New Energy’s two inverter assembly lines in Bangalore, India were also officially completed, with a planned production capacity of 3GW.

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