In Conversation with Sharad Acharya, Founder & Chairman, Bull Power


Please tell us about Bull Power Solar’s Product and Service offered in India.


Bull Power Solar has set its goal to lead and promote the field of utilizing and preserving sources of renewable energy, particularly solar energy. Bull Power was founded by Sharad Dutta Acharya an entrepreneur and Stock and Commodities Market Expert and Blog writer, with Co-Partnership of Mr. Dinesh Kumar Bishnoi having 15 years of experience in Renewable Energy field. Bull Power introduced dependable solar solutions to cater the power needs of farmers, families, businesses and institutions. With our professional and experienced team, we are committed to providing the best products and services.  As a leader in the field of solar energy, we see ourselves as an important part in the efforts of promoting the green revolution in India, by addressing the needs of the future, today!


Today Bull Power is the leading turn-key solution provider for solar EPC systems. We design, engineer and install solar systems for Domestic, Industrial, Agricultural and utility scale projects. As a specialist in roof-top, and custom designed solar structures, we focus on providing best-in-class solar racking systems and project management capabilities to serve owners and integrators. Bull Power provides unique and reliable, high quality services which include all of the stages involved in planning, installing and up keeping solar energy production systems. We identify our customer’s needs and provide them with efficient, better and cost-effective solar energy systems.


After sales service is the main need of all Industries. Bull Power is obliged to provide highest quality of service. As a market leader of solar industry, we provide the quality highest products.


In addition to fitting and installation, our services include taking care of all of the bureaucratic aspects that have to do with the installation as well as:

  • Compatibility test held by an engineer
  • Acquiring the necessary permits
  • Electrician examination
  • Representation facing the electric company
  • Technical Support and consultancy
  • Highest Value of Satisfaction

Bull Power is a company where we care about our customers. In planning a project, we assist to identify the needs and offer several solutions according to the budgets and commitment. We are committed that our customer will save energy and funds right from the beginning.

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What are the initiatives taken by Bull Power to support the ‘Vocal for Local’ in India?

Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an appeal in the context of supporting Indian economy at the grassroots level with steps towards self-reliance. He has appealed for buying local product and supporting local business, because during the lockdown the, products and services by local vendors has helped us survive.

We always focus to make use of products made by local entrepreneurs and Indian Companies. This not only helps them sustain their livelihoods but also create jobs for people. We purchase goods from many such local producers, and these local really coming to our rescue with essential of good quality and timely delivery.

Headed for Gloss “Vocal for Local” Bull Power, endeavour to provide best solutions to our esteemed clients, we have partnered with Kirloskar Brothers Limited, established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is the flagship company of the $ 2.1 billion Kirloskar group. and Jakson Engineers Ltd, founded in 1947, a diversified group with multiple business interests in Power Solutions with more than 2600 Cr. of group turnover including turnover of 1200 Cr from Solar business.

How has the journey of Bull Power ‘s been so far? How do you see it evolving post-covid?  

Bull Power was previously organised by Bull Fighter Consultancy, the firm organized seminars and workshops for farmers, Millers and traders, time to time on the better business of agricultural commodities. At the same time when the net metering policy came in 2015, the company shifted its focus in this direction and keeping this in mind in 2017, Mr. Acharya founded Bull Power Energy Pvt.

The company’s goal is to maximize benefits to customers maintaining the quality work with good solar products. And with this mission, the company appointed Mr. Dinesh Kumar Bishnoi, who has been working in the field of renewable energy for last 15 years, as its managing director.

When we began working on rooftop and solar water pumping system the market was dominated by giant solar players, with such competition it was difficult to attract a big business. What started as a small off grid system, today Bull Power is ready to set up a large solar park in Rajasthan. The company has established its identity in Bikaner and in state of Rajasthan.

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Simultaneously as we worked on a solar rooftop, we witnessed, no solar EPC company focused on households which could not afford solar, with a pre-set format of solar structure. Bull Power made it its USP and took the challenge of installing solar plants at all such households where major solar players refused to set up plants.

We immediately started looking for good fabricators for this, eventually our search was successful and we found the right fabricators who were passionate for Solar. In the meantime, few solar plants that we had in the beginning, the working conditions was a real challenge, but we overcame the rough patch and successfully executed the project and outcome that we witnessed from those plants convinced that we have overcome the obstacles.

In Bikaner district, we installed solar plants in more than 250 homes where solar installation was a challenge in itself, if Bull Power wouldn’t have taken this project with its team having extraordinary skills and innovation, then our goal would have not been possible. The company constantly steps forwards with the excellent after sales service.

In order to grow further, the company appointed Mr. Mahesh Kumar Pareek, Senior Manager, ICICI Group, Mr. Sunil Joshi, Rajasthan In-charge of Square Yard Group and Mr, Manish Kumar Vyas, Senior Manager Angel Broking, as Director as the company’s vision.

In 4 years, Bull power has successfully installed many solar plants for huge industries including Carpet & Woollen Industry, Bhujia & Papad Udyog, Textile Mills, Peanut and mustered oil processing units, Cartoon Industry, RO Plant, Schools, Hospitals and Jewellery Showrooms etc.

During the COVID19 pandemic we noticed that the people who returned from the cities to the villages were very keen on the solar pump as agricultural products witnessed tremendous increase in demand, hence we reached out to such people through digital and social media. Bull Power benefited greatly with the Kirloskar Brothers and we reached out to those farmers.

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We believe that agriculture has a huge contribution in the development of India and parallelly Bull Power set up excellent solar water plant projects to encourage farmers and their development. Solar water pumps were provided at affordable rates in more than 100 villages of about 5 tehsils near Bikaner district, and information was also provided about the benefits of using it, which led to the development of improved varieties of crops and good irrigation by our company.

As we have seen the on set of digital era in the covid times, how do you think the technology is going to evolve?

Like other companies, Solar is affected by the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Solar has an agile business model and is fundamentally a digital business, which means that we are well positioned for the next normal.

To stay one step ahead we focused on digitalization, and today solar business need this transformation. Being an innovative company Bull Power always works on new working concept. We want to serve our clients in better, so our investments in front-line digital businesses combine our deep industry knowledge and decades of digitalisation experience with their business innovation and new, scalable digital platforms. This means that we are able to deliver innovative industry solutions to the market at a higher pace. 

We are strategically striving to improve ourselves for better growth in industry transformation and digitization. We work constantly towards making Solar Energy an attractive business model for innovative and valuable users.

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