In Conversation with Suvojyoti Pramanik, Head Of Business Development, EnerMAN

Suvojyoti Pramanik, Head Of Business Development

Please tell our readers about Enerman’s products and services offered in India.


EnerMAN is a global and leading provider of Energy Management Solution for Solar Power Plants. It has 3 Main Products:

  1. ETi-SOL: It has been developed to Suppress recurring Technical issues witnessed at Solar PV plant with Customized features at Affordable prices. It is a Basic Remote Monitoring Solution comes with Robust IOT Sensors (ETi-LOG) and in-house developed Software Portal to Monitor Solar PV Plant at any time from anywhere. Some of the Basic features of ETi-SOL includes: Inverter Level Monitoring, String Level Monitoring, Monitoring of other electrical devices like Energy Meters, Transformers, Weather Sensors, etc
  2. ETi-CONNECT: This is an advanced version of ETi-SOL having Real-Time Advanced Analytics, AI & ML-driven insights, Defect Monitoring with various Colour Coding and, many more. It is a CMS (Central Monitoring System) where multiple Solar Plants can be monitored in a single platform which may have multiple distinct SCADA. 
  3. ETi-SAM: This is a Solar Asset Management Solution mainly used for Operation and Maintenance, where Module Cleaning Cycles, Water usage, PM Activities and Forecasted Vs Actual Generation can be tracked along with DGR Report (i.e Daily Generation Report)

What are the initiatives taken by Enerman to support the ‘Vocal for Local’ in India?


EnerMAN is practicing this Moto “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” or “Vocal For Local” for a long time before this campaign officially launched by our Honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi. We have our in-house development team to develop our Software Portal as well as our Hardware unit is developed in our Bangalore Head Quarter and we Proudly say that our Product is purely “MADE IN INDIA” and we are planning to take our Local Product in Global Market soon.

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How has the journey of Enerman’s been so far? How do you see it evolving post-covid? 

EnerMAN is a 2 years old company but our Parent Company Avi Solar Energy Private Limited is there in the market since 2010 having O&M experience of almost 2GW. So far with our O&M Experience, we have solved a lot of Customers problems by rectifying their non-functional SCADA and within 2 years we are monitoring almost 950MW of Solar projects across India and supplied our solution in some of the prominent places like Bhopal Airport Project, Mumbai Metro Project, Kochi Metro Project and many more.  [2nd Part] Currently Because Of COVID Pandemic, Business all over the world is suffering but we are utilizing this time in making our Product more Robust and also we are focusing on the Training and Development of our Employees in this period. We have a lot of Projects in our Pipeline and we strongly believe that after this tough phase we are going to gain our momentum in Quick time. Our whole team is ready to fight back, We don’t see a major problem because of this Pandemic. Business is low at this moment but It’s just a matter of time. 

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As we have seen the on set of digital era in the covid times, how do you think the technology is going to evolve?

Technology is going to be the main point of Focus for Every Organization. From now onwards we have to adapt to a new normal situation where COVID-19 is a part of our life. IoT i.e Internet Of Things is going to play a major role here. It will transform the existing physical servers in the Workplace into the Cloud Servers, and thus Work from Office will not be mandatory after this Pandemic. We at EnerMAN Technologies already increased the use of Technology and started servicing our Clients online. We have started doing Remote Installation of our SCADA system instead of sending our Engineers at Site. At every stage of Evolution, Technology automates a lot of things and with Human involvement, it makes it to another level. The post COVID situation is not just going to focus on Employee Safety but also there will be a lot of changes in the existing Business Model, Supply Chain, and Organization Process Mechanism.

Can you please brief us a little more about the IIOT Technology?

The Theoretical definition of IIOT Technology is, it is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IIOT stands for “Industrial Internet Of Things”. An IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors, and communication sensors, to collect, send, and act on data they acquire from a specific Place. IIoT devices share the data they collect by connecting to an IoT gateway where data is sent to the cloud server. The devices perform most of the work without human intervention, although sometimes people can interact with the IIOT devices to set them up, give them instructions, or access the data. A simple example of IIOT Technology can be a Mobile App. In a Solar Plant, all the Inverters or breakers can be Controlled with just a click of a button in your Mobile Phone from any corner of the World.

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